How To Choose A Paint

There are so many different kinds of paints on the market that it’s easy for a person to get confused as most of us have no idea what type of paint to use and where which type of paint should be used. The most popular types of paints include flat, flat enamel, semi gloss, and gloss. The paints are defined by their shine and their durability. Flat paint is the dullest and softest paint that you can purchase, while gloss has the most shine and is also the most durable.


Flat paint is a great paint that can be used confidently to hide imperfections and blemishes in the walls of your home. Flat paint is most commonly used in eating areas like dining rooms, recreational areas like the living room and also bedrooms. You should avoid using flat paint in kitchens and bathrooms though as this paint is very porous and absorbs dirt and oils more than any other type of paint.

Flat Enamel

Flat enamel paint which is also commonly known eggshell and satin paints create more of sheen than the normal flat paint. The flat enamel paint also provides better stain and absorbent protection than the flat paint. This type of paint can also handle being scrubbed clean due to its less porous nature which makes it ideal to use in hallways, children’s rooms, and other rooms that are likely to absorb more dirt and grime over time.

Semi Gloss

The semi gloss finish gives a room a much harder and slicked finish than you will get with the flat or flat enamel paint finishes. This hardness also makes the semi gloss even more resistant to stains and wearing than the flat enamel. This type of paint is most often used on woodworking, kitchens, and even bathrooms.


The hardest finish of all the paint is gloss which also creates the brightest natural shine of all the paint finishes. Gloss is most commonly used in kitchens, bathrooms, cabinets, and even woodwork like stair railings. The only downfall of the gloss finish is that it is so shiny that its sheen actually highlights all of the natural flaws in any surface so you should be cautious of using this type of finish in an area that has a large number of flaws.