How To Choose A Color

Choosing the right color for a room can be a difficult task especially since many people are caution of moving away from the off white or light beige colors because they are worried about how the new colorful paint will affect the furniture that they already own. However taking a chance and painting your walls will an interesting color can drastically enhance the look and feel of a room. Listed below you will find many recommendations on how to choose the proper paint for the room that you want to paint.

Take Small Steps

When you are just starting out it is better to take your renovations in small easy steps and the easiest transition change that you can make from off white is to a more neutral tinted color. These types of colors like beige or gray will mix easily with your furniture and will also avoid confusing you by mixing too many different colors. When you enter a home improvement store you will see thousands of different possible colors and this can easily confuse you so the best thing you can do is try to narrow down the field by using the simple steps below.

Narrow Down The Field

The easiest way to narrow down your choice of color is to decide if you want a warm and cozy environment or if you would prefer a room that has a sheer cool and airy look. If you want a room that gives off positive warmth, than you are going to want to use a beige tone. However if you would prefer a cooler look than you should certainly use a tone of gray. You can get a number of different colors types from the color gray when it is mixed with undertones of light purple, blue, or even lavender.