Do It Yourself Exterior Window Painting

The exterior of the home is very important to a lot of people. There are certain things that need to be done to ensure that the home stays fresh and appealing from the outside view. The do it yourself person will take this too mean that they need to make the house look nice inside and out and it may take some time to do that. Owning a home can be quite the chore. All of the repairs and upkeep issues that need to be dealt with make it nearly impossible to keep everything in top shape all the time but one never knows what will happen when the right person takes the time to do the chores themselves.

Exterior windows can mean a lot of work. Even though many homes are now equipped with the vinyl replacement windows that do not require paint some people can not afford such a luxury and that means that each year they need to give their windows some attention. Since the window frames are wood they will require painting and that means a lot more then the standard interior painting that most people find so appealing.

Wood windows will start to peel over time. This is very common as the wood will start to absorb the moisture from the weather and swell which causes bubble in the paint. When this happens the paint will start to peel off and make it look rather unsightly to say the least. This is the wood’s way of shedding it’s skin and this is a common problem for everyone who happens to own a home with wood windows.

Each spring the do it yourselfer will most likely take to this job. There is much more that goes into it then the regular painting of a wall. For one thing there is a lot more preparation involved. When you are planning on painting the wood window frames you will need to be sure to scrap all of the existing paint from the wood. This is probably the most important part of this type of project. The new paint will not stick to the existing paint and will just peel right off.

Once you have removed all of the paint you should then sand the wood down. This will help you too get the coating that weather and old paint leave on the wood off. With this coating off you can be sure that the new paint will better absorb into the wood. It will also help to protect the wood. The windows that are painted will have a lot less chance of rotting because the water will have a much harder time getting into the grain.

With all the scraping finished you are now ready to paint. Be careful when painting the window frames as you do not want to get a bunch of paint on the glass or you will have a time getting it all scraped off.

Give the windows plenty of time to dry before you move them up and down. If you find out that they have been painted shut you can take a simple knife outside and cut along the seal to break them free.

WARNING: Before you begin any painting project, be sure that you are working in a well ventilated area to prevent illness or injury. Also, be sure that you read and follow all instructions on the materials that you are using to prevent injury or illness. Be sure to wear the proper safety clothing and follow all safety precautions to prevent illness or injury.