DIY Painting Tricks and Tools

Painting a room often feels a lot like a chore to most people because of the amount of effort and energy they must invest to make their rooms look perfect.  People often use the wrong tools and techniques for their painting jobs which results in a lot of wasted energy. Using the following tips and tools can greatly decrease the amount of time you have to spend struggling with a room.Time Saving Tips
When you are dipping your brush into the paint can you should never dip it past one third of the length of the bristles.  Adding excessive paint to the brush can results in the bristles getting clumped and result in ineffective painting and it also drastically increases the amount of time you will have to spend cleaning up after the job is finished.
Have you ever spend hours on end looking through paint strips trying to determine exactly what shade of paint you used to have in your living room before it became too faded and needed to be redone? You can avoid this time consuming problem by labeling your paint can.  The easiest way to do this is to use a sheet of 8 by 11 paper divided into squares with a blotch of paint in each section with a description of where the paint was used, what its name is, and also the number of the paint. 

When you are shopping around for the best buys on paints and paint products you should keep in mind that as long as you aren’t buying designer paint then the higher the price, the higher the quality.  By investing a bit more money in a more expensive paint you will be saving yourself a lot more time as the more expensive brands of paint do not require as many coats to cover your walls and they will outlast the other paint brands so you won’t need to repaint as often.

Money Saving Tip
Have you ever opened a can of paint and found that the paint has hardened over time because the can was not sealed properly?  You can prevent this from ever happening to paints that you have purchased by cleaning the can rim before you put the paint back into storage.  When the can is going into storage it is a good idea to store it with the lid facing the ground.  By doing this you will create an air tight seal to ensure the safety of your paint products. 

Time Saving Tool
When most people paint a room they will usually use masking tape along the edges of the walls, around windows, doors, baseboards, and along any trim that they want to paint a different color.  The problem with this is taping a room takes up a lot of time and energy and at the end of the job you rip off all the paint and hopefully it has not damaged the new paint underneath.  By using a trim painting tool you can quickly and easily paint around these various objects without having to worry about breaking out the masking tape.

When you are attempting a painting project always ensure that you are wearing the proper safety equipment and that you have read all of the instructions completely.