DIY Interior Painting

Changing the look room isn’t as difficult as most people think and by using some simple painting techniques they can change the overall appearance of a room.  It’s amazing that just the simple combinations of color can make a room seem brighter, higher, shorter, longer, wider, and even less cluttered than it used to be.  Before you spend thousands of dollars remodeling your home you should look into all the different looks you can gain from simple painting techniques.

The choice of colors plays an incredibly important role in regards to lighting when you are painting a room.  If you have a room that has a lot of natural light and is quite bright you can use darker colors to help absorb some of the light.  If the room you are working on is already too dark than you should use a glossy paint that is a cheerful color like yellow or a light blue to give the room the appearance of being brighter.  There are literally thousands of different colors to choose from when you are looking for the right color of paint so use your imagination and be creative. 

Using higher quality paint is often considered to be a waste of money by the majority of people but it is more of an investment in your home than anything else.  High quality paints show better than lower quality paint and they often outlive their priced competitors by years which will save you from having to repaint as often. 

You will notice a significant difference when you are painting if you purchase higher quality painting tools.  The actual painting job itself and the clean up afterwards will take a lot less time and your tools will last a great deal longer than the less expensive models would have.  The bare minimum for tools that you will need to paint any room would include one roller, a paint can opener, one brush, trim brush, and a paint tray.

Painting can play a large role in making a room appear larger than it is or making it appear to be a much smaller place.  For example if you are painting a room that has very small ceilings and you want your room to appear much larger you can paint the ceiling and allow the paint from the ceiling to leak down the walls about 6 inches.  To reverse this effect and make a room with higher ceilings appear smaller is to paint the ceiling a much darker color than that of the walls.  The darker color of the ceiling will be more dominate and will make the room appear smaller.

The walls of a room can often become warped over time and you may start to notice things that appear to be dents, slants, and other types of mistakes appearing along the face of your walls.  A quick and simple solution to masking these types of imperfections is to use a flat non glossy paint that has a duller color to absorb these dents. 

When you are painting a room it is important to wear proper safety equipment and to follow the instructions listed on the packages.