Choosing the right Paint Brush for the Job

When you choose a paintbrush for interior or exterior painting jobs there are a couple of things to consider before you buy them. Here are few tips you can follow in order to choose the right paint brush.

NOTE: First you have to know what type of paint you are using for the job, as there are brushes that are better for oil-based and water-based types of paint. Second, you have to find what brush you will be most comfortable with, in terms of the handles and the size. Many times you should buy two brushes, one that is larger for larger areas, and one that is smaller for tight areas and corners.

* You can choose from Chinese bristles, which is hog’s hair, an ox-hair brush, or a nylon/polyester blend brush is you are using an oil-based paint. The best option to use is a brush with natural bristles as they hold the oil-based paint better that ones that are synthetic.

If you are using water based paint the best choices for paint brushes are ones that are made with nylon bristles or nylon/polyester bristles.

* A large flat brush, non angled, is better for applying paint faster to larger areas and painting up walls and corners.

You can then use an angled brush for moldings and trims. The angles on the paint brushes are generally in the range from 1“to 3 ? “. Many professional painters recommend a brush that has a 2″ angle.

* Now that you have chosen what type of brush to use you have to consider the comfort of the brush. How much time will you be holding the brush? How big is the job? You have to answer these questions when picking a brush that you will be comfortable using. When you choose a brush that has fat or skinny handles, before you buy it, hold it in your hand so you will know what the brush feels like. If you are not comfortable with it do not buy it as it will only make the painting job more difficult for you.


* A paint brush that is made with ox-hair is the type that is preferred over brushes that have Chinese bristles. This is because the ox-hair bristles are more flexible and allows for a smoother application of the paint.

* Larger brushes will become heavier the longer the job takes it so make sure the brush is not too heavy, as it can cause soreness in your hands and be uncomfortable.

* It is better to spend a little more money and get a brush or brushes that are of good quality. Cheap brushes may be good for smaller jobs but if you purchase brushes that have better quality you can get better results. Brushes that are of good quality are also easier to clean and you can use them for a long time.

* Typically brushes with wooden handles are better than brushes with plastic handles. Many brushes that are of good quality will have wood handles. It is better to use wooden handles brushes when the weather is warmer, whether it is indoors or outdoors, as you can get a better grip with them. Plastic handled brushes tend to become slick when your hands sweat and the brush will be more difficult to control; therefore there is more of a chance to make mistakes.

Author: Jason Green