How To Repair a Scratch on Your Porcelain Bathtub

If your porcelain bathtub has a scratch on it can take away form the overall look of your bathroom. Many times the scratch on the bathtub is located where you enter the tub in the front and therefore it is very noticeable. A bathtub can be completely refinished and look brand new again but you can save a lot of money if you’re the scratch is small, as you can repair it yourself.

A few of the things you will need are

* Water
* Soap
* Alcohol
* Porcelain repair kit

Here are a few tips on how to repair a scratch on a porcelain bathtub.

* The first thing you have to do is look at the scratch and find out if it is small enough to be repaired. If it is the case where there are a lot of larger scratches and chips, it may be a better idea to have the bathtub completely re-enameled. This is the more expensive option but once it is done the bathtub will look brand new.

* Buy a porcelain repair kit that matches the color of your bathtub. You can find porcelain repair kits at most hardware stores. These kits come in many colors but if you are having a hard time finding an exact match in color you should get one as close as you can but a slightly lighter shade. A lighter shade will be less noticeable than a darker shade.

* To prepare the area where the scratch is located you need to thoroughly clean it and then dry it.
* After you clean and dry the area wipe it down with rubbing alcohol. This will make sure that there is no dust or dirt in the scratch.

* Apply the porcelain paint carefully and make sure you follow the directions that come with the kit. Only apply a little bit of the porcelain paint and then let it dry before you apply another coat. You can keep repeating this process until the scratch is gone, as it may take several applications of the paint.

Tip: You have to be aware that when you repair a porcelain scratch in your bathtub it will not look totally perfect. The area where the scratch is will be much less noticeable but the area may look different depending on how close you matched the porcelain paint with the color of the bathtub.