10 Questions You Should Ask A Contractor Before You Hire Them

You should not just hire a contractor without asking them questions. Your home is one of, if not the, prized possessions in your life and you want to make sure the best possible job is done on your home, no matter what needs to be worked on. By asking the contractor you are looking to hire pertinent questions you can be more comfortable with them being able to do the job.

Here are 10 questions you should ask your perspective contractor before you decide the hire them. There are many contractors out there that can do the job to your specifications, so if you are not comfortable with any answer they give then you may want to look into another contractor.

1. How long have you been a contractor? You should look for a contractor that has experience. You should also check with your local Better Business Bureau and see I they have had complaints lodged against them. You have to be aware that just because the contractor does not have complaints on their record does not mean they have not had problems in the past, as many problems do not go reported.

2. Are you state and county licensed? Make sure that you see their contractor’s license and make sure it is for your state and that the license is current. You can find out the licensing requirements in your area by checking with your local building department.

3. Have you completed projects like mine? This will let you know if the contractor is familiar with the type of project that you are looking to have done.

4. Will I need a permit for my project? Many states and localities will require you to have a permit for building projects. Good contractors will get the necessary permits before they start work on the project and if they ask you to get the permits it should be a red flag and you should not use them.

5. Can I see some references? The contractor that you are looking to hire should have a few references of happy customers. Make sure the references have phone numbers so you can get in touch with the people.

6. Who will be the supervisor of my project? The contractor will already have a crew in mind if it is a project that takes more than one person. If the contractor is not going to be there for the project, or even if they are away a lot, make sure you know the supervisor so you can communicate with them.

7. Who will be working on the project? You need to be able to trust workers, as many times they will be inside your home. You may also have children around and you need to make sure they will be safe.

8. When can you start the job? Get a set date on when they can start the project.

9. When can you finish the job? You should be able to get a date that they should be finished by. There are complications that do come up in projects but the contractor should have an idea on when the project will be finished.

10. What kind of insurance do you have? Contractors are required to have worker’s compensation, liability, and property damage coverage. You should ask the contractor for a copy of their insurance certificate and make sure their insurance is current, and will be on the date that they give you for the completion of the project. It is vital that you do not do any business with a contractor that is unlicensed. If you do you can be liable for damages and/or injuries that happen at your project site.