How To Build Brick Planters In Your Yard

Unlike regular planters, brick planters can literally last for years. They will also compliment your landscaping and will add to the decor of the exterior of your home, especially if it’s brick!

You don’t have to be an expert mason to build your own planters from brick. In fact some slight imperfections can even add to the character of your brick planters!

Bricks need a solid foundation for support. Rain, melting snow and other elements will loosen the soil and cause the bricks to sink down into the dirt. Aside from looking bad, this can cause them to crack and even fall.

Anything built with brick will turn out better and last longer if it’s built on top of a concrete slab. The concrete will give the brick support and keep them from sinking into the dirt.

Decide how big you want the planter to be and where you want it to be. Then dig a hole in the shape and size that the planter is going to be. If you want the bottom of the planter flush with the ground, dig down about 4 inches.

Using 2X4′s make a frame that will fit inside the hole and fit up against the walls of the dirt. Fill the hole with ready mix cement and allow it to dry approximately 48 hours. You should cover the hole with a piece of plastic to keep rain and other debris from falling into the cement.

After the cement has dried thoroughly, you can now begin to build your walls. You’ll need to mix the mortar by following the manufacturers directions on the specific type of mortar that you purchased.

Place about an inch of mortar underneath the first row of bricks. As you lay each brick onto the foundation, use the end of your trowel handle to tap the brick down into the mortar.

You’ll need to leave enough space between each brick to apply about a half of an inch of mortar to hole them into place. Once you’ve gotten your first row done, keep laying rows of bricks until you get the planter to the height that you want it to be.

Another way to protect your brick planter from rain and other elements is to add weep holes. Weep holes are just areas between the bricks that will allow water to drain and they’re very important with planters.

The planter will be secured to the cement foundation, then they will be secured to each other with the mortar. The planter will be fairly tightly sealed and there won’t be anyway for excess water to drain.

A really good thunderstorm could fill the planter with water and wash your flowers and dirt out! Installing weep holes will prevent this from happening and your soil and flowers will stay where they’re suppose to be!

It’s really easy to add weep holes to the planter walls. You can either use nylon rope or purchase some small plastic tubes. You will want to add them on top of the first layer of bricks that you lay.

Just cut the pieces of rope or plastic pipe and lay them across the bricks before laying the second row. You can use your best judgment on how many to use depending on the size of your planter.

After you’ve gotten your brick planter finished, let it dry for at least 48 hours. Then fill it full of soil, plant your flowers and stand back and enjoy you handy work!