How to Build A Backyard Barbecue Grill Out of Brick

A brick barbecue grill will give you years of enjoyment and delicious meals! It will be a favorite place for friends and family to gather for a casual event or a special occasion. You can build your own barbecue and save money on hiring a mason.

Draw out a rough draft of how you want the barbecue grill to look and decide on a size. A sales person at the brick yard or home improvement store will be able to help you with how many bricks you’ll need. You can also make sure that you could return any that you don’t need.

A project like this made from brick is going to be very heavy, it will need a good solid foundation to keep it from sinking into the dirt. Dig a hole the same size that you want your grill to be that is about 4 inches deep.

If the ground isn’t completely level and it’s most likely that it’s not, you’ll need to dig the hole deeper on one side to level it. Just dig out a little at a time and check it until you get a level area.

Use some 2X6 boards to build a frame that will fit around the inside edge of the hole. Rebar is pieces of metal rods that is used to give the concrete extra support, it’s better if you use this in your foundation.

Once you’ve gotten the wooden frame around the hole, use a level to make sure that the boards are even. Mix your concrete according to the directions on the bag. Using pre-mixed concrete will make the job a lot easier, you won’t need sand or gravel, you’ll just need water!

Pour the concrete into the hole until it’s about half full. Then place the pieces of rebar on top of the cement and cover them the rest of the way up to the top of the wooden frame.

You will need a trowel to smooth the concrete out so that you have a nice flat, level finish. Once you’ve gotten the cement in the hole, let it dry for 48 hours before you start building the grill.

You will need to buy all of the accessories for your grill before you start building. Purchase your fire pan and the grills ahead of time so that you’ll have them to use for measurements.

The best height for the grills is around 30 inches from the ground, of course this will depend on how tall you are. The ideal place for the firebox is approximately 5 inches below the cooking grills.

After your foundation is completely set up, place one or two rows of  bricks around it to see how you’ll need to lay the brick out. Move them around until you get the right design and then mark them with a pencil so you’ll have a guide to go by.

Hot, dry bricks will actually draw the water out of the cement and make it dry before it’s had time to properly set. You should spray them with a water hose to make sure that they’re all wet. You can do this the day before you plan to start, or you can do this an hour or so before you start building.

Mix the mortar according to the directions on the specific brand that you purchased. The first row of bricks should sit on a layer of mortar approximately an inch thick. You can use a trowel to spread the mortar out onto the concrete following the guide that you drew, keep the mortar inside the line.

You will also need to apply 1/2 inch of mortar in between the bricks. Check the bricks often to make sure that they’re level and continue all the way around the guide until you have the first layer completed.

Continue building the walls, applying 1/2 inches of mortar between each layer. Each time you place a brick onto the mortar, tap it with the end of your trowel to set it into the mortar.

After you’ve completed a couple of rows, you will need to smooth the mortar at the joints. You can use a small piece of metal pipe to run over the joints to remove any excess mortar.

Make sure to also check the height of your wall ever so often. You don’t want to get several rows of brick laid and find out that you’ve went past the height where you need to insert your fire box and grills.

When you get the grill built up to the height that you want your fire box and cooking grills, place three rebars from the front to the back of the grill. Place them close together, just covering the width that you need to insert them.

Try to choose a design that won’t need a lot of cuts in the bricks. But, no matter what design you choose there will be some bricks that need to be cut. You can use a broad bladed chisel and a hammer to cut the bricks.

Measure where you need the brick cut and score all the way around it, the give it a sharp hit with the hammer and it should snap apart. You can rent a brick splitter and you can even purchase a saw blade for cutting bricks if you’d prefer.

Keep adding the layers of bricks until you get it to the correct height that you desire. Then let the mortar completely dry and set before firing it up and making a delicious grilled meal!