The Best Way to Prune Your Trees

The trees in your yard can provide you with a nice shady place to sit. They can also have an effect on your cooling bills during the summer when they are close to your house.

But, they trees have a big impact on the total look of your landscaping! Taking care of the trees in your yard is just as important as taking care of your bushes and plants!

Pruning is a very important step to make the trees in your yard attractive! By pruning you can give the desired shape to your trees and also help keep the trees height under control!

The best time of the year to do any shaping of your trees is in the spring when all the new growth is just starting. Only minimal or necessary pruning should be done through the summer. Pruning done through summer months will help to encourage new growth.

The only pruning that should really be done in the fall, is to clear the tree of dead limbs and such. Trees that have a lot of sap shouldn’t be pruned during the winter months. The only trees that do well when pruned in the winter are deciduous trees.

Sometimes you can’t pick the season to trim your trees. Limbs that are growing into or over power lines may need to be pruned immediately. And, limbs that over hang your roof can cause the roof to rot and eventually leak and should be cut when necessary.

Before doing any pruning, take a good look at the trees shape from all sides. If there are parts of the tree that need to be cut out, then you may not be able to get the exact shape that you want.

You need to check for broken limbs, limbs that cross over each other and crowded limbs. Other things to look for are low growing limbs and limbs that are too close to the trunk of the tree.

Using the proper tools to prune your trees will not only make the job easier, it can protect the health of your tree. Handsaws can be used for the larger limbs and pruning shears can be used for smaller branches. But, what ever tool you use should be sharp so that the cuts are straight and not all jagged!

Sharp tools will help ensure that the trees bark remains undamaged. Damaging the trees bark can cause the limb to die and if the damage is bad enough, it can kill some whole trees!

There are a few tricks to help avoid tearing the trees bark when cutting larger limbs. You should make a cut at both the top and bottom of the limb about 1/4 - 1/2 inch apart. Make the two cuts just offset from each other leaving the main center of the limb uncut.

Once you’ve gotten the two cuts made, then go back and finish cutting the limb off. For heavier limbs, you can tie a rope around the limb and fasten it to a higher branch. This will keep the limb from just suddenly falling and jerking the bark loose!

Most professionals use to apply tree paint to cover the newly exposed area. But, even professionals have realized that the tree will heal faster if it’s left to heal naturally!

Another very important factor to consider when doing your own pruning, is the structures or items near your tree. What seems like a small limb high up in a tree, may be larger than you think and destroy something if it falls on it!