Protective Clothes You Should Wear While Gardening

Wearing protective clothing when you are gardening is important. You should protect yourself against the sun as well as the sharp tools you will be using when you are in the garden.

Here are some tips on what protective clothing you should wear while you are in the garden.

* You will need to protect your head when you are gardening. Body heat will escape through your head, if the weather is cold, and you should wear a warm hat. You can buy a wool hat, as it will keep you warm while you are outside. It is even more important that you protect your head in the hot summer months. The sun will not only cause you to be hot but you may become sunburned as well. Buy a hat with a wide brim so the suns rays do not harm you. A good summer hat will also keep your hair and skin from becoming dried out.

* Have a comfortable jacket or coat with large pockets especially for gardening. You will not have to worry about getting the jacket or coat dirty and the large pockets can hold seeds and various gardening tools.

* Wear good pants for gardening. A sturdy pair of jeans can be good to use when gardening. If you are gardening when it is damp or raining you can get waterproof pants or even a gardening suit especially for gardening when it is wet outside. It also will be a good idea to get a waterproof hat if you garden often in wet weather.

* Keep your hands protected. If you are doing light gardening work you can use thin or disposable plastic gloves. If you are doing some heavy gardening work you will need to wear a thicker pair of gardening gloves. A good think pair of leather gloves should do the trick. Not using gloves will wear out the skin on your hands and you can get blisters and even cut your hands when working with various plants and trees.

* Protect your feet. If you are doing light gardening a sturdy set of tennis shoes will suffice but if you are doing heavy gardening you will need thicker shoes. You should wear steel toe shoes, as they will give you the best protection. No matter how hot it is never wear thongs or sandals.

* Protect your skin. No matter the weather you should keep your exposed skin moisturized. If it is sunny outside you should also make sure to wear some sunscreen so you do not get burnt. Even if it is overcast or not warm you can still get a sunburn, so protect yourself with a good sunscreen.