Proper Placement Of Trees

Trees give many advantages for around the home such as shade, reduction of noise, wind blockages, and aesthetic purposes to name a few. Many people that plant trees do not take into consideration what will happen when the trees are fully-grown. When planting trees without consideration they can sometimes be inconvenient as well as very costly. Here are a few things to consider before you plant trees.

  • Areas of Play – By using shading from trees in areas of play can be a good thing to diminish the heat from the sun. But you need to consider the fact that birds and other various animals may drop things or have their droppings fall into the play area. The best solution is to place the trees a safe distance from the area the sun travels. If you have a good idea how far the tree canopy will extend you will be able to plant the trees for shade without having the area exposed to dangerous things dropping or unsanitary conditions.
  • Pools – Many times trees drop leaves and branches in the pool which makes the pool harder to clean and sometimes dangerous. Many times the pool is entirely in the sun but you want some shade near the pool. Just like in the areas of play it can be a good option to shade a portion of the pool. So do not plant the tree in the direct line of the sun’s travels. Make a design that will shade only the portion that you want shaded. Also around pools top-rooting trees should not be used.
  • Parking areas – This is another area where birds and other animals can make a mess. Also falling branches can cause damage to your vehicle. Plant the trees with the sun’s travels and make sure you know beforehand how large the tree and its canopy will be.
  • Tree root problems – Even with the frequent surface watering of trees they will still look for other sources of moisture which may be under the house or other foundations around the house. The trees have the power to upend sidewalks, break foundations, and even lift walls. The trees can also cause damage to sewers and septic tanks so make sure the lines are away from the roots when planting them. These can be very costly errors when planting tress. Make sure you know the growth of the tree before planting them.
  • Power lines – many times trees can get caught in power lines which can be dangerous. Before you plant the tree know its full growth and make sure to keep the tree trimmed if it will be around power lines.
  • Hiding or Framing – If you want to seclude your home know the mature size of the tree and how it will accomplish this. If you want to frame your home with trees it is very important to know the mature size of them. If you do not you may be secluding your home if the tree is too large or not framing the home enough if the tree is too small.
  • Before planting any tree, as stated in these points, the most important thing to know is how large the tree will become. Look into the size of the tree before you pick out one that just looks good as it may cost you in the long run when the tree matures.

Author: Jason Green