Post Spikes for Easier Fence building

Many times the most difficult aspect in constructing a fence is digging holes and then setting the fence posts. Post spikes can give a solid base for the fence posts and get rid of the digging and concrete pouring before you construct the fence. For this reason it is advantageous that you use fence posts when constructing a fence as it can make the job easier.

Fences can be made out of many materials and can serve many purposes. Some fences are practical, such as barbed wire or coral fences, and some are decorative, such as a white picket or a bamboo fence. Some fences are designed for a special purpose, such as a higher fence to give privacy. It does not matter what the purpose of the fence, the one thing they all have in common is they all have fence posts. Using post spikes can make building a fence easier.

A post spike is a heavy metal spike that is around 24” to 30” in length with a metal box, typically 4”x4”,that is attached to the top which is made to hold the base of a fence post made of wood. All you do is drive the post into the ground in the area you would like to put a fence post and then place the wooden post into the metal box. The reasoning for this is to give an easy, and many times cheaper, way to construct a fence. You do not need to dig any holes or pour any concrete. Post spikes are also relatively inexpensive, as each spike only costs a few dollars.

By building a fence with post spikes eliminates two things that ruin a fence:

1. Over time when wood is in the ground the wood will rot. By having the base of the posts well above ground, only contacting the metal post spike, it will protect the wood from becoming rotted. Even if it the case where the wood does need to be replaced it will make it an easier job, as all you have to do is take the old wood post out and insert a new one.

2. Over time the fence posts in the ground can twist as a result of moisture, which causes a shift in the ground where the post is set. The post spikes with the metal box attach to the base having a swivel that can be adjusted. This will make it so you can install the post perfectly plumb. This is the case when the spike is not driven straight into the ground. If the post does move over time all you have to do is adjust the swivel and make it plumb.

IMPORTANT: Fence spikes are not good for every type of fence. They are made to work best with 4”x4” wooden posts. Because of this they are obviously not good to use with a chain link or industrial type of fence. It is also the case that the fence post spikes are not as structurally stable as having a wooden post set in concrete. Therefore the height of the fence you are building may be limited. Overall the 24” spikes should be used only for fences up to the height of 48”, and 30” fence post spikes can only support fences that are at the height of 60”. You should also know that the post will only go as far down as the base of the metal box. Because of this you may be left with a gap that is at the bottom of the fence.

Author: Jason Green