Planting Hanging Tomato Plants

Tomato plants do not necessarily have to be planted in the ground. They can grow well hanging and you can also save a lot of ground space. It is a fact that planting the tomato plants upside down can let them move to the sun, save you time weeding, and give you tomatoes that are very close to your front door.

Some of the things you will need are:

* Utility knife or a drill
* 5 gallon bucket
* Tomato seedling
* Soil
* Newspaper

Here are some steps you can take in order to plant hanging tomato plants.

* Buy a 5 gallon empty bucket that has a snap on lid. You can find these at most hardware stores. Thoroughly clean the bucket with sudsy warm water in order to make it ready for planting the tomato plant.

* Using a drill or utility knife cut a hole in the bucket. The location of the hole should be directly in the middle of the bottom of the bucket and around 2-3 inches in diameter. Then cut a few half-inch holes in the lid so you can water the tomato plant.

* Put a few layers of newspaper in the bottom of the bucket making sure you cover the hole. You can later use this as an anchor for the tomato plant.

* Fill the bucket with soil, a 40-pound bag should suffice, and put the lid on. Soils that have vitamin additives in it, such as Miracle-Gro, are the best type of soil to use for tomato plants.

* Turn the bucket over and then plant the tomato seedling. You have to cut a couple slits in the newspaper so you can plant the tomato plant. Make sure that you pant the tomato seedling with around 3 inches of the tomato plant protruding from the hole. In order to anchor the plant in the bucket you can use some extra soil.

* Hang the bucket in an area that sees a lot of sun and water. Tomato plants require at least 50% sunlight. You can move the bucket to where it will see the most direct sun.

* As soon as the tomatoes ripen when they are on the vive you should harvest them. They will start to form soon after the tomato plants begin to flower. Make sure that the tomatoes are firm and red before picking them.


* Smaller varieties of tomatoes, such as Roma tomatoes and cherry tomatoes, are great for hanging upside down.
* There are companies on the Internet that sell planters especially for hanging tomato plants. When finished a hanging tomato planter will weigh around 35-50 pounds.