Planning is the First Step to Fence-Building

Building a fence is more that just getting boards and putting them around your property. There is a lot planning that is involved in building a fence if you want to make it sturdy and look good.

Here are a few tips on how to plan for building a fence.

* When you are thinking of putting a fence on your property you first have to check with your local zoning laws. Most zoning laws will allow fences of the maximum height of 6 feet. But check with the local zoning laws as some places have height restrictions for fences.

* You also should check with your neighbors, as your fence will also be a part of your neighbors yard. It will be much easier to build a fence if you can build it from both sides. If you and your neighbors discuss which type of fence you both would like to have you can also share the costs and labor.

* Be sure you know exactly where your property line is. If you know exactly where it is there will be no property disputes when you build the fence.

* You need to consider the plants and trees that will be affected when you build your fence. You have to know that tree roots may eventually cause a problem with your fence posts if they continue to spread.

Draw a diagram of your property that you plan to build a fence around. You should put in the diagram dimensions and where the posts and gates will be located.

* Make a decision on what the purpose of your fence will be. Will the fence be for privacy or security purposes? Will the fence be a decorative fence or will it be a confining one. These are questions you should answer when planning to build a fence.

Types of Fences:

You can put up a chain link fence in order to keep your pets in your yard. With a chain link fence you can decorate it with such vegetation as grape vines or kudzu.

You can put up a picket fence if you want to accentuate the beauty of your home. These types of fences either come already made or you can build them yourself. (Keep in that they are not easy to build so you may want to buy prefabricated ones.)

* You can place a ranch type fence around a long driveway or a corral. This type of fence will give your property a more of a western look.

A panel fence is one that will give great privacy. Much like a picket fence these can come prefabricated so putting them up is very easy. It may be a good idea to choose a panel fence that is lapped, as the panels will shrink when the weather gets hot.

The most expensive type of fence to build is a board fence but it will also give you the best privacy. These types of fences are also expensive to build.

There are also inter-lapping board fences, which hold up well to the weather and look great from both sides.

When building a fence make sure you have the right tools and directions as a badly built fence can make your whole property look bad. A good fence can increase the value of your home but conversely a badly constructed one can decrease the home’s value.

Author: Jason Green