Lighting Options for the Outside of Your Home

You have to look into a number of things when you are choosing lighting for the exterior of your home. The areas around your home are an extension of your home, and because of this you have options to how you want the outside of your home to be lit.

You want your house to be an attractive one and choosing the right outside lighting can be important when making your house look good. It is also very important how the outside of your home is lit because of safety issues. Homes that have better outside light are less likely to be burglarized. Therefore good outside lighting is important for aesthetic and safety reasons.

To make the most natural looking lighting for the outside of your home you should look at the natural light at different parts of the day. You can then try to recreate the natural light that is shown on the outside of your home with artificial lighting. You do not want there to be too much light on your landscape and you don’t want too little. You have to find the right balance to show your home in the best light. You also should look at focal parts in your garden in terms of outdoor lighting. You can place lights wherever you like and put them so they show the focal points off and are not kept in the dark.

Many times you can use a combination of sources of light and lighting approaches. By using various combinations of lights with different sources you can give a natural look to the lighting at night. You can also hide the lights, with foliage for example, so that your landscape is not impeded by the lighting sources.

There are a few different ways to get good lighting sources to shine on the outside of your home.

* Moonlighting – Moonlighting is one of the more popular methods of lighting the exterior of the home. With this method you can put the light high up, such as in a tree or on the roof. This will allow the light to filter through the tree branches and trees around your landscape. Moonlighting is an attractive option for outdoor lighting.

* Up-lighting – Up-lighting is a popular method where a light is placed lower and shines the light up. This can highlights the object that the line is shining up at. This method can work well for large landscaping lighting.

Shadowing – Shadowing is placing the light behind something in order to create a shadow. This method is a good option with statues or garden sculptures on your landscape.

* Low key accent lighting – Low key accent lighting can give complete lighting to a landscape and give a beautiful look the surrounding environment around the lights.

Author: Jason Green