Lawn Mower Features and What They Do!

Today’s lawn mowers come with lots of different features that can provide a wide variety of benefits and uses. Knowing a little about all of these features can make shopping for a new mower a lot easier.

After you’ve decided what size motor and what type of engine you want, the next main consideration might just be the cutting deck. The cutting deck is the housing that covers the blade.

If you have a really large yard, a large cutting deck can mean that you won’t have to make as many trips back and forth to get the job done. That means that you will be able to decrease your mowing time!

But, if you have a lot of landscaping or lawn decorations a large cutting deck won’t give you much maneuverability around them. Large cutting decks aren’t made for tight places in your yard.

If you have an uneven yard, or a bank or hill that you’ll need to mow, try to get a mower with large wheels. The larger the wheels the easier the mower will be to push, especially if the large wheels are at the back of the mower.

There are now some types of lawn mowers available that have the front wheels attached on casters. That simply means that if you lift the front off of the ground, you’d be able to spin the wheels around.

This feature will give you a very good turning radius in a tight place, you’ll be able to turn the front of the mower easily.  It’s a big help if you have lots of landscaping in your yard.

You’ll also need to decide if you want to mulch your lawn as you mow or if you’d like to collect all the cuttings so that you don’t have to rake!

You can find mowers with either rear collection bags or side bags. But, a mulching mower will help fertilize your lawn every time you mow! There are also 3 in 1 mowers available, these can be adjusted to either mulch, bag the cuttings or can be set to discharge the cuttings out the side like regular mowers.

Almost all lawn mowers offer height adjustment for the blade. This allows you to customize how short you want to cut your grass. Cutting it shorter will of course mean that it will be longer before you have to mow again.

As an added safety feature, some new lawn mowers are equipped with levers that must be depressed for the mower to keep running. There are also some mowers that have rubber flaps attached to the back to prevent any objects thrown by the blade from flying out and hitting you.

If you’ve decided to go with a cordless lawn mower, you’ll need to consider the amount of time it will take to mow your lawn. Batteries usually take several hours to reach a full charge and if you have to do parts of your lawn at a time, it can be really inconvenient.

The power with cordless mowers is measured in voltage, the higher the voltage the longer the battery will hold a charge. Typically a 24 volt mower will run for around an hour and a half and cut approximately one third of an acre.

Paying a little extra and getting a 36 volt mower will give you around three hours of cutting time and cover around an half an acre. Choosing the right voltage cordless mower can mean the difference in doing your lawn in one day or doing it in two days!

If you’re planning on purchasing an electric mower, make sure that it has a cord holder. This is essential in keeping the cord out of the way and keeping you from running over it with the mower.

Gas lawn mowers are available with two kinds of starters, an electric starter or the traditional pull cords. If you can afford the difference, opt for an electric starter. You’ll really appreciate it if you have to make a lot of stops and starts with your mower.

However, you can purchase electric starters that can be attached to some basic pull cord mowers. Depending on the type and model that you have you might be able to add your own electric starter.

When it comes to mowing your lawn, you will need to decide if you want a self propelled mower or a push type. A self propelled lawn mower will literally mow the lawn all by itself, all you’ll need to do is steer it in the right direction!

If your lawn is pretty much flat, you might not want to spend the extra money on a self propelled model. But, if your yard is uneven and hilly, a self propelled mower can make all the difference in the world!

If you’ve decided that a self propelled lawn mower is the best choice for you, you’ll want one that has variable speed. This will allow you to set the speed at which the mower moves.

This is very handy if you have trouble walking and need the mower to move at a slower pace. Or, if you need it to move faster. It’s a feature that should be on all self propelled lawn mowers!