Introduction To Mulching

The technique of mulching is the easiest practice that you can undertake for your garden that will produce results like you could never imagine. Mulching is the technique of placing a protective skin of materials on top of the soil. Mulch comes in two basic forms; organics and non organics. The most common things used in organic mulching is grass, straw, and bark. While the most common items used in non organic mulching is stones, small chips of brick, and even plastic. Taking your mulching into your own hands can save you a lot of costs over having it done professional. The materials that are required for organic mulching can be created without any cost to you so all you are really paying for is the labor to spread the mulch.

The Benefit Of Mulching

There are 8 major benefits to taking the time to use mulch on your soil. The benefits received from mulching help the environment and they also drastically improve the look and the production of your garden. These benefits include protection against soil erosion, a protective layer against heavy rains and winds, locks in moisture which in turn lowers the amount of needed watering, balances soil temperatures, help reduce weed growth, and it even provides the benefit of improving the beauty of your garden.

Organic Mulching

The organic mulching which consists of using organic materials like grass, leaves, bark, and straw can drastically improve the condition of the soil underneath it. This type of mulch reduces decomposition, provide food for the plants, and help to keep the soil loose. The organic mulching also helps stimulate root growth, increases water penetration, and even helps the soil retain the majority of the water that it absorbs.

Non Organic Mulching

Although non organic mulching can give any garden an increase in beauty and can also add the finished touch to the garden you should be wary of using non organic materials unless you are sure the garden is here to stay. Non organic mulching is very difficult to remove and will not decompose so if you change your mind down the road about the placement of your garden you will have quite the job on your hands. Non organic mulching also doesn’t have all of the environmental benefits of organic mulching as they don’t improve the soil conditions.