How To’s For First Time Gardners

Are you wanting to have your own wonderful bed of flowers? Do you not know the first thing about planting a garden? You want to make your porch full of color and have hanging baskets for a added touch of comfort. You can do all these things and here are some first timer tips.

Start fresh. If there were flower beds in your yard before, then clean them out. Make them new again. Lay fresh dirt and plant the flowers you picked out. If you are wanting something that is easy to care for, then you will need to talk to your home improvement garden section to know what will survive in your climate.

All it takes is some tender loving care to help your plants grow. Dig up a hole in the fresh dirt and place the plant inside. You should water your new plants one good time after you plant them. Then watch them grow.

If you are wanting to spice up your front porch you can purchase hanging baskets and place them on your porch. They come in all different varieties or you can make your own basket. All you need is a basket, soil, and the plants you want in the basket. Once you have them planted, water them and hang them on your porch.

You can even build you some planters to place on your porch or buy them pre-made at the store. Many stores now have all types of flower pots that you can plant any type of flower in to decorate your walkways, home, patio, decks, or porch. It doesn’t take much to get you a nice flower garden going. Just some plants, dirt, pots, or baskets, along with some time and you will have the flowers and yard of your dreams. Make it as colorful as you want. It is your yard and your style.

After awhile some of your plants can be trimmed or replanted in bigger pots. The reason you do this, is that the roots of the plants can grow too big for the pot and they will die because they don’t have anymore room to grow. Take the time to check this plants and make sure they don’t need to be replanted.

All you need to do some gardening is the determination and time to learn how and what to do. Every plant is different, so it is important that you get plants that have similar care instructions. Annual plants are good so you don’t have to redo your yard year after year. You can just do a few touch ups.

Make gardening your new hobby. Enjoy the outdoors and have fun planting your gardens. Then sit back and watch them grow. You will get a since of pride out of what you have done to your yard when you learn how to plant your own garden. It is easy and fun to do. Have the garden you want and dream of.

WARNING: Make sure that you use and follow all safety precautions when dealing with tools, power tools, and chemicals to prevent injuries or illnesses.  Also wear the proper safety clothing when dealing with these items to prevent injuries.