How to Repair Curved Lawn Edging

If you are mowing your lawn and maybe hurrying to get the job done you may have mowed over the plastic lawn edging. You may have also damaged the curve of your lawn, which can make matters worse. The thing to do is not splice a 12-inch piece of the plastic that creates a small pointed bulge but restore the curve.

When you install the edging pull back whatever is on edge of the lawn, such as mulch or gravel, around 4 inches. When you are done with the instillation of the edging push back whatever is on the edge of your lawn. You also may have to pull back some of the sod so you can put the new edging. Try not to pull back too much as it will not look natural once you put it back over the edging.

To restore the natural curve of your lawn you will have to cut back and then splice a longer section of the new edging in order to replace the existing border. You can use this repair process for all types of border edging on your lawn.

* Start by laying out the replacement edging in the sun in order to make it more relaxed on the curve.

* Make the primary saw cut through the old edging at the point where it is the start of the curve. Cut this edging just long enough so that it extends past the damaged area and merge it with the existing edging at the end of the curve on your lawn.

* Now prepare both of the ends of the new edging.

* After the primary saw cut butt the older pieces of edging with the new ones and secure them with a connecting pin and rivets.

* The final step is to use the new replacement edging as a guide for marking and then cutting the old edging. Drill and then rivet that joint just like the first one. (Do not use a tape measure in order to measure the length of the replacement section of edging because a metal measuring tape will not be able to accurately follow the curve of your lawn.


* If it is necessary you may have to pound some lawn spikes through the anchoring flange and then into the lawn so that the edging stays in place.

* Make sure that you purchase enough of the replacement edging to complete the job. It also may be a good idea to buy some extra just in case it happens again or you need to replace some damaged edging. There are various types of edging but a good thick black type edging can be the best option for you to take. You can get clear edging as well but it can become discolored and cloud up and not look attractive, especially if there is a significant amount showing.