How to Remove a Fence Post

If you have a fence and want to remove it or replace it the first thing you have to do is remove the fence posts. If the posts are rotten than they are a threat to the foundation of your fence. Having rotten fence posts will make your fence sag and it will not be as strong. If you have posts that are sunk down in the soil removing them will not be that difficult, but if they are sunk in concrete foundations than it is a harder job.

Here are a few steps you can take in order to remove your fence posts.

* The first step you have to take is to remove the dirt that is around the post. You can use a shovel and just dig around the fencepost. You should dig out at least a foot and a half.

* Measure up around one foot from the ground level and then drive a nail into each face o the fence post. You do not have to drive the nail all the way in as half way should do the trick.

In the area that you dug out around the fence posts place some concrete blocks or bricks in that area.

* Get a heavy piece of lumber and lay it across the stack of bricks or concrete blocks. By doing this you will be making a lever so it will make it much easier to pull the fencepost out of the ground.

* Wrap a rope around the post under the nails you drove in. The rope will be held in place by the nails. Make sure that you use a rope that is somewhat strong and will not snap or fray if you put a decent amount of pressure on it.

* The final thing you do is to tie the ends of the rope to the lever you rigged. Press down on the opposite end of the lever. If the post is stubborn and still will not come out you may want to get some help and have someone stand on the opposite end of the lever. Do not jump up and down, as you do not want to snap the lumber. If it still does not come out you can dig deeper and drive the nail deeper as well and repeat the process.


As stated before dig out more dirt for a stubborn fencepost. But you may want to soak the round with water in order to loosen the soil around the fencepost. Do not put too much water, as you want to dampen it but not make it too muddy, as it will be harder to use the lever you rig up.

* If the lever does not work you can also dig all the way around the concrete and then use a truck or car to pull the concrete out.

You can also use a pick or crowbar to break up the concrete until you can pull the fencepost out of the ground.

* You should know that if your posts are rotting then they may break apart. Be ready at any time for the post to break out of the concrete.
Author: Jason Green