How to Prune Your Houseplants

You houseplants need the same type of attention that outdoor plants and trees need. This includes pruning them on occasion. You need to prune your houseplants in order to keep their shape and prevent them from contracting diseases. You also need to prune your houseplants to remove any stems or foliage that are diseased or damaged.

When pruning your houseplants you will need bleach and some garden shears.

Here are some steps you can take when pruning your houseplants.

* Check your houseplants for any branches that are broken If your houseplant has broken branches it will take energy from the plant when it tries to heal itself from being damaged.

* Remove any branches that are weak or diseased. You have to be sure that the garden shears you use are sharp and clean. To do this you can dip the garden shears in a solution of water and bleach (90% water and 10% bleach). You should do this between pruning sessions and can make it less likely that the disease of the houseplant will spread.

* Cut any branches of stems on your houseplant that cross directly through the center of the houseplant. The air needs to circulate through the houseplant so that fungal diseases do not appear.

* Remove any growth that is tall or straggly and does not add to the form of the houseplant. If there is a tall stem cut it so that it is right at or just below the foliage of the houseplant.

* Prune the end of the branches by using the tips of the clippers. This can encourage new and healthy growth on the stems. One or more of the growth buds that are dormant will begin to see growth after the primary tip has been removed.

* Instead of pruning your houseplant too often you should pinch the plant frequently. This will keep your houseplant healthier and make it so that major pruning will not have to be done as often.


* When you prune your houseplant save the prunings so you can grow new plants from the cuttings off the stem.

* Do not only clean your pruning shears between pruning sessions but also when you move from pruning one plant to the other. Use the bleach solution every time you move onto pruning a new houseplant. This will keep the plant diseases, if there are any, from spreading to your other houseplants.

Be careful when giving your houseplant plant nutrients. Talk to an expert and be sure that it will not harm your houseplant before giving feeding it the nutrients.