How To Prune the Tomato Plants in Your Garden

The pruning of the tomato plants in your garden can help them grow and produce great tomatoes. Pruning the plants can help act against the sprawling nature of them, which can keep the tomatoes off the ground and also keep them healthy. If you prune your tomato plants you will have a harvest of tomatoes that is both abundant and great tasting.

Here are some steps you can take in order to prune your tomato plants correctly.

* You should prune your tomato plants if they get to big for the space they are growing in. Make sure you use sharp and clean shears when you prune your tomato plants, or any other vegetable plant, to keep them free of diseases.

* Pinch the branch tips of the tomato plant throughout the season to encourage the plants to grow both full and bushy. Only remove the last set of 2 leaves, as well as the stem, each and every time you pinch a branch.

* Remove all the branches that you do not want or are not blooming so the tomato plants stay contained. You will have to leave some of the foliage so that it will shade the tomatoes and keep them from getting scalded by the sun.

* Keep removing any foliage that is dead or faded from the tomato plants. You should keep the growth on the plant that is healthy and green. You should try not to cut away any flowering branches.

* Train the tomatoes to grow on a trellis so that you have space in your garden. If the tomato plants grow vertical it can make is easier to find them when it is time to harvest the plants. You can tuck the stray branches of the plant inside the trellis or you can remove them altogether if they are not flowering.


* Tomatoes are vines and because of it they will sprawl on the ground unless you redirect them. If the tomatoes stay on the ground they can rot or become infested by slugs.

* Place some crushed eggshells in the soil right at the base of the tomato plants to give them calcium. If you give the tomato plants calcium it can keep the plants free of “Blossom End Rot”, which is a type of fungal disease.

* When you water the tomato plants do it deeply and not too often so they will develop a tomato flavor that is intense. Tomato plants are deep-rooted and do not require major amounts of water after they have begun flowering and bearing fruit.

* If you water the tomato plants too much or use fertilizer that is high in nitrogen you may get lush green tomato plants that will bear no fruit. It also may cause the fruit that is already developing to drop off the vine before it is ripe.