How To Make A Kid Friendly Yard

Do you have kids that love to play outside? Is your yard in need of a major overhaul so they can enjoy the space? Do you have over grown bushes or some trees that need to be cut down? How can you turn your yard around and make it kid friendly?

Start by clearing off the space. If you need to get rid of those bushes, do it. Move them out and start fresh. You need a clean slate to make it perfect for your kids. They want a backyard they can enjoy and play in. They want to be able to run around without tripping over things that don’t belong in the back yard.

Now if you have little ones and your back yard is not fenced in the that is the first thing on the list of things to do. You want them to have a nice play set that they can have hours and hours of fun on. It sometimes makes it nice and neat if you block it off like you would see at a playground.

Block off the area with treated land timbers. Set up the play set and fill with rocks, sand, or anything else you may want to put in the area. Kids love to play in sand and rocks, so keep that in mind. You can even do another area on beside the play set and place sand in it. Build a door of sorts to lay on top of the sand to keep cats and things out of the sand. It will make the sand last longer as well.

Once you have those things in place you can now lay down your beautiful green grass. Kids love to play baseball, kickball, and just plain run around the yard. They can do that on your new grass that is free of those sticks and other things you can trip and fall on. If you do these things you will have a kid friendly yard that the kids will love. The last thing you should do is add that fence to keep the kids in one place.

They will be outside everyday to have endless hours of fun. You don’t have to worry about them getting into something because everything has been cleaned up and now it is ready for your screaming and full of energy kids.

There is no reason you shouldn’t have a great yard for your kids to enjoy. It may take some time to get everything done, especially if you can only work on the weekends. But once you are done you can all enjoy it. The rewards of turning your yard around will come to you each and every time you see your kids playing outside. You can even add your own touch to the yard with a new grilling area that the whole family and their many friends will love. Bring your family together and give everyone the yard they want. 

WARNING: Make sure to use and follow all safety precautions when dealing with tools, power tools, or chemicals to prevent injuries or illnesses.  Also make sure to wear the proper safety clothing to prevent injuries.