How to Install Gate Posts

Gate posts are generally sunk into the ground much like fence posts are. But because a gate should be stronger than a regular fence the gate posts need to be more solid and sturdy to ensure that the entire gate is sturdy. Here are some steps you can take when installing gate posts.

* When you have the gate posts you have to be sure that they are at least 3 feet longer than they should be standing above ground. This will ensure that you sink it far enough into the ground to make the fence sturdy.

* Take the gate posts and lay them on the ground in the place where you will be sinking them into the ground.

* Take three slats of wood and nail them across the area of the gate directly onto the gate posts. By doing this it will keep them the exact same distance apart when picking them up.

* Use a shovel and dig a trench across the area where the gate will be hung. The trench should be dug about 6 inches wider that than the gate posts and about 3 feet deep at the ends.

* Place a few inches, typically 3-4, of gravel into the bottom of the trench in order for it to drain properly.

* Now take the gate posts and set them into the trench.

* In order to make sure the posts are vertical use a level and brace them with a coupe of 2 by 4′s. Take one end one end of each of the 2 by 4′s and nail them into the gate post and nail the other end into a stake that you have driven into the ground. This will hold the gate post firmly into place.

* When you brace the gate posts with the 2 x 4′s you can take two 1 x 2 boards and nail them to the adjoining sides of the posts. This should keep it steady and the gate posts vertical. Before you nail the 1 x 2′s in use the level again to make sure the gate posts are level.

* Use a bucket or wheelbarrow and mix some concrete using 2 parts sand and 3 parts gravel When you add water to the mixture do it carefully as you want to make sure that you do not add to much as the concrete will not set. Make the concrete mixture thick but not too chunky, as it will be hard to work with.

* Carefully pour the concrete into the trench. Pour it up to ground level.

* Using a board, generally a thinner 1 x 2 will do the trick, poke the air bubbles out of the concrete if any have formed.

* Now that you have actually set the posts the first thing you immediately must do, before the concrete sets, is use the level and make sure the gate pasts are level. If they are not adjust them so that they are level.

* When the concrete is still wet level the concrete in the middle of the trench with the ground. Slope the concrete a little in one direction so that there can be water runoff.

* When the concrete is almost dry and the gate posts are level use a trowel and place some more concrete around the base of the gate posts. Make a small mound around the gate posts so that water can run off and not form little pools around the gate posts.

Author: Jason Green