How to Grow a Eucalyptus Tree in Your Yard

A eucalyptus tree can be an attractive addition to your yard. Eucalyptus trees can grow to be over 300 feet height and can grow up to 10 feet every year. If you live in an area where the weather stays above 20 degrees you will be able to grow a eucalyptus tree in your yard. A eucalyptus tree in your yard can give off a wonderful fragrance and can give you beautiful flowers.

Before you start you will need these items:

* Sphagnum moss
* Sealant for pruning
* Iron chelate

Here are some steps to take to grow a eucalyptus tree in your yard

* Pick a variety of eucalyptus tree that will flourish in the area where you live with the type of landscape you have. Cider gum and snow gum are types of eucalyptus trees that can survive in 15-degree weather if their protection is located. Silver dollar gum and silver leaves mountain gum eucalyptus trees are popular because they have beautiful flowers.

* Begin to seed a eucalyptus tree when it is late winter. Sow the seeds in moist sphagnum moss and put the container with the seed in a location that is warm and sees a lot of sun.

* Choose smaller and more vigorous specimens of eucalyptus trees if you plan on buying ones that are grown in containers. Take the tree out and reject trees that are root bounded.

* If you live in more northern regions you should grow the eucalyptus tree indoors. These trees will grow flowers but you still can enjoy the beautiful blue/green leaves that you can use in bouquets. Move the container with the tree outside when the summertime rolls around and in the winter place the container near a south-facing window.

* Look out for leaves that are yellowing which may indicate that the tree has chlorosis. Chlorosis is a tree condition that is caused by a lack of iron in the soil around the tree. You can remedy this by spreading iron chelate around the soil of the eucalyptus tree.

* Be sure to look out for long horned borers that may infest your eucalyptus tree. Trees that are stressed are susceptible to these types of pests. A couple of signs that you tree is infested are sparse canopies and leaves that are yellow. You can use sealant for pruning on branches you prune on the tree in order to keep leaking sap from attracting the long horned borer.