How To Fertilize Your Lawn

You can have a lawn that is attractive, gives a nice walking surface, and cleanses the air around your home if you fertilize it with the right formulas. You should fertilize your lawn every year, as it is important to maintaining a healthy lawn. Fertilizing your lawn is easy to do and it will ensure that you keep it looking great.

Some of the things you will need to fertilize your lawn are:

* Garden hose
* Garden gloves
* Lawn fertilizer
* Sprinklers
* Dust masks
* Lawnmower
* Broadcast spreader

Here are some steps you can take to fertilize your lawn.

* To meet the needs of your lawn you need to time fertilize it. Let your lawn grow greener and mow it a couple of times before you fertilize it in the spring.

* Pick a fertilizer that is specifically made for the type of grass you have in your lawn. You can make sure you pick the right fertilizer by talking with an expert at a nursery or home improvement store. Make sure you read the label on the fertilizer to find out how often you can apply it to your lawn.

* If you have sod, seed, or a sprigged lawn you should use “new lawn” or starter formula type fertilizers. These types of fertilizers can thicken the grass in your lawn giving it a fuller and more attractive look.

* If you lawn is more than 2 years old use slow release granular complete fertilizers. This type of fertilizer will give your lawn constant nutrients during the time when your lawn is growing fast. Try not to use fertilizers that have only one ingredient, such as potassium or nitrogen, unless you have a soil test performed on your lawn and it shows that you need to use one-ingredient fertilizers.

* Either purchase or borrow a fertilizer spreader and know how to calibrate it for your lawn’s fertilizer. Walk the spreader around your lawn and make a pattern that will ensure that you cover the entire lawn only once.

* You should be aware that water-soluble fertilizer will not last for a long time in your soil. Because of this you need to reapply it, as directed on the label of the fertilizer. Spray your lawn covering the entire lawn only once to avoid overfeeding your lawn.

* Fertilize your lawn at least one more time in when it is during the growing season. If your lawn type is one were a fall feeding is recommended apply some winter fertilizer in the early fall. If you forget it is no big deal, as once a year is still enough for a lawn that is established (over 2 years old).


* If you fertilize a lawn that is very dry it can stress the turf.

* Make sure to always wear gloves and dust masks when you are handling and applying fertilizer

* If you spill any of the fertilizer on other plants make sure you flood the area right away, as turf and other plants can become damaged with certain types of fertilizer.