Gardening Tools Every Gardener Should Be Equipped With

If you are a gardener it is important that you have the right tools. Having the right gardening tools will make it more likely that you can have a beautiful garden. Many gardening tools are not very expensive and will last you a long time. The more prepared you are with having the right tools you can be prepared for any gardening situation that arises.
Here are some helpful gardening tools that you should have

* Hand Trowel - A hand trowel can be used to loosen the dirt in your garden. The blade of a hand trowel is generally 3 and a quarter inches to 3 and a half inches wide. You can also get a transplanting trowel that has a slimmer blade, usually around a couple of inches.

Spike Aerator - A spike aerator can break through hard soil and loosen up the soil a few inches below the surface. This will make it so air and water can get deep into the soil, which can promote root growth in the soil by keeping it healthy.

* Plug Aerator - A plug aerator will break through hard soil and let air and moisture into the soil. A plug aerator generally has coring points that puncture the soil up to 3 inches deep.

* Bulb Planter - A bulb planter can be used in your garden when you either plant or move bulbs and smaller plants. You can twist and push the bulb planter into the soil. When you get to the depth you want remove the bulb planter out and it will pick up some of the soil letting you plant whatever you like in the area.

* Spade Fork - A spade fork is one of the more important gardening tools that every gardener should have. A spade fork will dig into and aerate the soil. The times on a spade fork should be straight and if they are not straighten them out or buy a new one.

* Cultivator - A cultivator will break up clods in the soil that is left over after spading or aerating the soil. A cultivator has either one, three, or four sharp tines that are curved or prongs at the end. If you are doing heavy gardening it is a good idea to get a cultivator with sharp spurs.

Hoes - If you are a gardener you should have more than one type of hoe, as it is a very important tool. A garden hoe is good for the preparation of soil for planting and can be used to remove weeds as well. A push hoe (floral hoe) is also uses for aeration and cultivation of the soil. This type of hoe is pushed rater than pulled and the blade of the push hoe will slide under the surface of the soil to cut the weeds. A weeding hoe has a pointed blade that can lift the weeds out of the soil. Weeding hoes can be either have single prongs or doubled pronged. A scuffle hoe has sharp edges on both sides of the blade. A scuffle hoe works to get rid of hard to remove weeds from the soil. You push and pull the scuffle hoe over the soil to remove the weeds.