Do-It-Yourself Gardening Tools

Do you have a gardening project that you want or need to do?  No matter what type of gardening you are wanting to do, whether it be a flower garden or a vegetable garden, you are going to need the tools to get the job done right.  What tools will you need to do your project?

First off you will need some kind of spading tool.  For loose or light soils, you need to use a flat spade.  If your soil is heavy or compacted, then you need to use a spade fork.  To level your beds and remove clumps of soil and stone, you will need a metal grading rake.  If you really want to till the ground, a gas-powered tiller works wonders; however, unless your garden takes up a lot of acreage, then it will be less expensive to rent one rather than buying one.

To provide your garden with the proper maintenance, weeding, and treatment, you will need other specific tools.  First, there is the hand cultivator.  This is a short-handled tool that is used for cultivating in small, tight spaces.  There is also the three-tined cultivator that is used for weeding and loosening the soil that is between rows and around individual plants.  To get rid of those pesky weeds, you can purchase a weeder and use it to dig out the weeds and their roots.  If you don’t remove their roots, then they are just going to come back.  Also, to loosen the soil around the plants and to cut weeds, you will want to get a draw hoe.  Do you need to get rid of fallen leaves in autumn?  Then you will want to purchase a fan rake.  They are made of spring-steel tines and are great for collecting fallen leaves and fine raking of the soil.  A border rake will remove leaves and debris from between your plants.  Purchasing a hand-cranked spreader will let you distribute fertilizer or small seeds evenly over small to medium-size areas.  Lastly, for maintenance, you will need a tank sprayer to apply pesticides and other liquids to your plants.

For seeding planting, and watering, there are many different tools you can purchase to help you out.  Are you wanting to plant your flowers or vegetables in a perfectly straight row?  Cord and stakes make this task easy.  A trowel is great when you need to plant bulbs, pot flowers, or transplant them.  If you want to plant small, bare-root plants, then a dibble works best.  To know how far to space your flowers, you will need either a measuring stick or measuring tape and follow the guidelines laid out on the flower.  A watering can is great for watering your plants, especially in small areas.  If you need to water a large area, a watering hose might be best.

There are many tools you will need for staking, trimming, harvesting, and pruning your garden plants.  Clippers are great for trimming your hedges.  You should choose a pair that has shock-absorbing handles.  Pruning shears and lopping sheers are great for cutting branches.  If you are wanting to cut branches and graft them, then you may need a pruning knife.  There are sever different types of pruning saws for trimming branches or for use in tight spaces, such as a pruning saw, folding saw, or a bow-frame pruning saw.  Do you have fruit trees?  A fruit picker is great for harvest fruit from tall trees.  If you buy one, try to get one with a light handle and is at least 10 feet long.  A small hatchet is great for sharpening stakes and driving them into the ground.

These are all the different types of tools you will need for your gardening as well as what they are used for.  Before you begin your gardening project, you will want to make sure that you have all the tools you need.

WARNING: Make sure that you wear the proper safety equipment when dealing with any type of tools or chemcials to prevent injuries and chemical burns.