Creating a Flower Bed

A flower bed is a thing of beauty that drastically increases the look of your property and the value of your home.  Creating a flower bed can be a fun and rewarding task but it is one that need significant planning and effort and you should plan to spend about 3 to 6 hours when you are working on your new flower bed.  There are four steps to creating a proper flower bed include planning, digging, soil, and edging.

Spending a decent amount of time to properly plan your flower bed will save you a countless amount of time and energy throughout the life of your flowerbed.  You should take things like drainage, soil conditions, and watering into consideration when you are choosing the location for your new flower bed.  Choosing a spot that will have a great natural drainage system and that will also be easy to water will save you a lot of time by reducing weeds and damage to your flowers by decreasing the effort needed to water your flowers regularly.  Tools you will need to create a new flower bed include a shovel, hoe, spade, and gardening gloves.

Digging the flower bed is the most physical part of creating a new flower bed for your property.  You should dig down into the ground about a foot and a half until you have reached the ideal soil for your flower bed. You should circulate the soil you are using once or twice using a hoe before moving on to the last step in the digging process. When you are hoeing the ground you should be watchful for large chunks of dirt and grass that are littered throughout your flowerbed.  If you find any of these large chucks be sure to remove them.  Before moving on to adding compost or actually planting any flowers it is time to treat the ground to help prevent any future weed problems.  By dosing your flowerbed at this stage with an herbicide you will effectively reduce the amount of weeds you will see in your flower bed. 

Now that you have the perfect base for your new flower bed it’s time to add in the proper soils to help fill the ground with nutrients and help your flowers grow.  If you do composting at your home you can use the compost you have on hand to help your flowers grow properly.  Using a hoe spread the compost so that it is six inches deep and level across the entire length of your new flower bed. 

Edging helps maintain the form of the flower bed, helps keep the soil and the compost from leaking out onto your yard, and adds to the overall value to the flowerbed.  It is important that you use proper materials when you are installing the edging around the sides of the flower bed.  You should avoid using plastic materials as edging and instead should focus on using materials like cement as they are more durable and will never need to be replaced. 

When you are installing a new flower bed you should wear any safety equipment needed and read and follow any instructions listed on the labels of products used.