Choosing the Right Patio Furniture

Sometimes it is not easy to choose the right patio furniture considering there are so many options. There is a large selection of patio furniture that is made form various materials. The best thing to do is to choose the patio furniture that you like and will look the best on your patio.

Some of the more popular materials that are used to make patio furniture are wood, aluminum, wrought iron, and wicker. Here are some of the pros and cons to each of these types of materials that are used to make patio furniture.

* Wood – Wood will give your patio furniture a heavier look and it can be a beautiful choice that will blend well with the natural surroundings. There can be nice swings, chairs, lounge chairs, and tables that are made of wood. A couple of the best types of woods for patio furniture are Cedar and teak, as they are more resistant to weather and insect damage. Wood has a very rustic feel to and looks more natural than other materials. If you are looking for ambiance with your patio furniture wood is the way to go. With wood there are some imperfections with the wood and the color of the wood will also change color over time. A nice option with wood patio furniture is you can paint it and stain it to give it the color and look you want. No matter what type of wood patio furniture you get you should protect it by waterproofing the wood so it will stand up to the elements better.

* Aluminum – Aluminum is a very strong material that is also rust free. When aluminum patio furniture is placed outside there will be a slim layer of oxide around the aluminum, as this is mechanism that fights corrosion on the metal. This will make it so your aluminum patio furniture will last longer when they are subject to the elements. Aluminum is also a very lightweight metal so it is easier to move the patio furniture around. Aluminum patio furniture can be a great choice if you have a pool as you do not need to dry off before sitting down. Aluminum is not as natural looking as wood or wicker but it is great option for patio furniture.

* Wrought Iron – Wrought Iron is very similar to aluminum, in terms of patio furniture, but it tends to be heavier. Aluminum creates its own layer of oxide but with wrought iron you have to wash and wax your wrought iron patio furniture several times each year. Wrought iron can be great if you live in an area that gets very windy as it will stay in place considering it is heavier. Wrought iron pieces of patio furniture ten to be larger so you will need more space on your patio. Wrought iron patio furniture will give your patio an elegant and classic look that is very attractive.

* Wicker – Wicker patio furniture can give your patio a completely different look and feel. Wicker is very stable and stands up to weather very well. This is why it is a very popular, as well as classy, choice in patio furniture. Much like aluminum wicker is also very lightweight so it is easy to move about wicker patio furniture. Another advantage of wicker is that tends to be less expensive. Wicker patio furniture can give your patio a very elegant and airy look.

With the abundance of choices you have with patio furniture it is important to pinpoint exactly what you are looking for. You can come up with a list of what you want in your patio furniture and then try to match the pieces up to what is on your list. Chances are you will be able to find exactly what you want in the look, cost, and material of patio furniture.

Author: Jason Green