Choosing the right Lawn Mower

By choosing the right lawn mower you can make mowing your lawn an easier job and keep your grass looking great. You need to compare the costs and different features of lawn mowers and also pinpoint what type of lawn mower is best for your lawn.

The first thing you should do is compare various features of the mower. You need to see what various features are of the lawn mower such as the weight, cost, safety features, handling, and disposal features. Once you pinpoint what type of mower you need for your own lawn you can look for a mower that will best fit your needs.

Here are a few types of lawn mowers and what types of yards they are good for:

Reel Mower - You should choose a push reel mower if you have a smaller lawn. If your lawn is small you can choose a less expensive push reel mower that will cut the lawn with a scissor like action of the rotating blades that pass over a stationary knife.

Gas or Electric rotary mower - You have to see if you would like a gas powered or electric powered rotary lawn mower, which is best for larger lawns that have grass such as bluegrass or fescue and do not need to be cut shorter than 2 inches high.

* Mulching mower – You should pick a mulching mower if you do not want to deal with the hassle of the lawn clippings. The mulching mower will cut the clippings so small that they will disappear into the lawn. You can also get a mower that has a clipping bag on it so you can dispose of it when you are finished or when the bag is full.

* Self propelled mower – A self propelling mower moves on its own so you do not have to use effort to push it over the grass. If you have a large lawn a self propelled mower is a good option as it takes minimal effort.

* Riding mower – If you have a very large lawn a riding mower is the best option. They are more expensive but they also make mowing big yards an easy job.


* The most popular types of lawn mowers are rotary mowers. They are very lightweight and you are able to sharpen the blades yourself. If you have a reel mower you have to take it into a lawn mower shop in order to sharpen the blades. It doesn’t matter which type of mower you choose you should keep the blades sharp as it will cut the grass better and make the job easier.

* Electric lawn mowers are becoming more popular as they are friendlier to the environment. Many current electric mowers are the type where their battery is rechargeable so you do not need to carry the cord around with the mower. But the downside of these types of mowers is that they are not made to cut deep grass so you may need to cut your lawn more frequently.


* You need to carefully look over the safety features of the lawn mower as many people are injured every year in mower accidents. If buy a power mower you should try to choose one that has a blade shut-off switch and a dead man switch.

If you choose a gas powered mower always refill the gas away from where you are mowing, like in the garage. By spilling gas on the lawn it can kill it and become discolored. Also never start up the mower in the place where you put gas in it. If gas does spill and there is a spark there is the chance of a fire.

Author: Jason Green