Basic Types of Walk Behind Lawn Mowers and Engines

If your old lawn mower gave out last season and your in the market for a new one, the choices can be overwhelming. There are so many different styles and sizes it’s hard to know which one is the best for your needs.

Having the right lawn mower can make a lot of difference in the ease that you can keep your lawn looking nice. Mowing the lawn isn’t a favorite chore with most people, but it can be quick and easy with the right equipment!

There are basically four different types of lawn mowers that you walk behind and push. There are gas mowers, cordless mowers, electric mowers and push reel mowers. Each one has it’s own advantages and disadvantages.

If you have a large yard or area that needs mowed, a gas powered mower will give you more cutting power. They work much better on dense, tall grassy areas. But, you have to have gas and oil handy in order to use them.

You’ll also have to know how to mix oil and gas for some mowers and it has to be mixed as closely to exact amounts as possible. Mixing it too rich or not adding enough oil can quickly ruin the motor and cause lot’s of smoking as it’s running.

Gas powered mowers have filters that will need to be changed or cleaned regularly. The spark plug will probably need changed or cleaned at least once per year. If it doesn’t have an electric start button, the pull cord can break or come loose and need replaced or fixed.

Having a gas mower is sort of like owning a car, there’s regular maintenance that needs to be done in order to keep it running it’s best. But,  if you need the extra power a gas engine provides it’s well worth the upkeep!

An electric lawn mower can be much easier to use, you don’t have to worry about having gas and oil or mixing it in the correct amounts. The main obstacle with electric mowers is the nuisance of having a cord in the way.

Cordless mowers do away with the use of electrical cords. But, the amount of grass that you can cut depends on how long the battery holds out between charges!

If your yard is a good size or your grass has gotten tall, you will probably only be able to do part of your yard at a time. Then you’ll have to wait hours for the battery to recharge to finish the job!

The only power needed for push reel mowers is you! You just push the mower along and cut the grass. There’s no recharging needed, no cords to get caught and best of all there’s no air pollution!

But, this type of mower can give you quite a workout and you may end up too tired to finish the job! It’s a good way to get exercise and do your part in fighting air pollution though!

When buying a gas powered mower there will be three measurements that apply to the power they provide. Horsepower is the amount of power that can be produced by the motor. The amount of horsepower that goes to the blade is called torque. Another measure of the engines power is in cubic centimeters.

Just because a motor has a lot of horsepower it doesn’t mean that you will have more cutting power. You should check the torque when purchasing any lawn mower, a lot of horsepower won’t do you any good if it doesn’t provide a lot of torque to the blades.

There are two types of gasoline mower engines, two cycle or two stroke and four cycle or four stroke. For the most power choose a two stroke engine, but it will also produce more air pollution!