Arranging a Flowerbed

When the weather gets warm is the perfect time to get your flowerbeds ready for the warmer months of the year. It will take some effort and preparation, but if you do a little bit of prep work you can have a beautiful flowerbed throughout the season.

Here are some steps to take to arrange a flowerbed.

* You should arrange your plants according to the amount of shade or sun they need. Put plants that need direct sunlight in the area that sees the most sun, and you have to make sure that plants that need shade are placed in a cool and well-shaded area. Doing this will ensure that your plants will grow successfully.

* Arrange your plants according to their soil needs if it is the case that your soil is inconsistent. You will have to be sure that if you have plants that need good drainage will be planted in the spots that are best suited to their needs.

* Combine both flowers and plants that have colors that compliment each other. If you have plants and flowers that have various colors you can also place them intermittently so that your flowerbed does not become too uniform. Any way you choose to place your plants and flowers is up to you, but they should complement each other in order to bring about a harmonious effect.

* Plant green and yellow plants and flowers, known as “cool” in the warmest part of your flowerbed to make a cooling effect. Red and purple colors, “warm”, should be placed in the back of your flowerbed so their brighter colors do not overpower the cooler colors.

* Arrange the flowers and plants according to their height. The taller plants and flowers should be towards the back and the shorter ones to the front, so both can easily be seen.

* You have to decide if you ant a more traditional arrangement or if you are looking for an informal one. If the formal look is for you than you should arrange using a standard pattern. If you like an informal look than you can arrange your plants in clumps of 3 or more.