How To Install A Surround Sound System

Adding a surround sound system can really make a big difference in the quality of your television and entertainment systems sound. It can actually make it seem like the sounds are surrounding you! But, knowing the right way to set the speakers up, can increase the sound quality even more.

Most 5.1 surround sound systems have five speakers and one subwoofer. Your main speakers will be the right and left front speakers. Around 70% of the sound will be coming from these speakers, so the correct placement is crucial. These speakers should be placed in front of you and at the center of the television.

The center channel needs to be placed in the exact center of your room and as close to your television as you can get it. The center channel speaker is where all of the voices will come from, so the closer it is placed to the television set the clearer and more vivid the voices will be.

You can place your rear speakers on either side or behind you. They should also be placed an equal distance from the rooms center. These speakers actually provide the special effect sounds, you’ll almost think that those bullets are really blazing right by your head!

However, as nice as they are, rear speakers are the most difficult to position. If you’re not lucky enough to have a home theater room that was designed for rear speakers, it can be really frustrating to install them. It’s very hard to keep them sounding good, while keeping them hidden from plain sight.

If you’re creating your home theater room and haven’t installed carpeting yet, you can run all of the speaker wires before laying carpet. You can purchase special wire that is thin enough to not even be noticeable underneath the carpeting. Decide where you want all of the speakers to be, run the wires, lay the carpet and then use speaker stands to mount your speakers.

If you’re installing a surround sound system in an upstairs room and have access to an attic, you can run the wires up in the attic and through small holes in the ceiling. You can even install the speakers into recessed areas of the ceiling so that they’re flush with the ceilings surface. You can also purchase universal mounts to attach the speakers to the ceiling.

If you’re willing to invest an extra $100 or so to get the sound quality that you want, you can opt to go wireless. The speakers aren’t actually wireless, but you can buy a kit that will create a link from your receiver to the back of the room so that you don’t have to run wires across the entire length of the room.

The kit contains a unit that connects into the rear terminals of your receiver, a second unit is then connected to the rear speakers and plugs into an electrical outlet. You can use speaker stands or towers to place the speakers where ever you want them, or hang them on the wall.

The last speaker you’ll need to install is your subwoofer. Luckily it doesn’t matter where you put this one. The subwoofer supplies all of the bass and can be positioned anywhere that’s convenient. But, to get the best quality sound, don’t block or cover the subwoofer.