How To Hook Up a High Definition Television

The television viewing experience is quickly heading toward HD. High Definition is becoming the new standard for televisions. Many of the networks are now offering a lot of their programs with digital sound and HD. If you’re not tech savvy, hooking an HD television up can be a little daunting.

There are a complex group of inputs and outputs on the back of HDTV’s. Getting everything hooked up properly into these small ports can mean the difference between loving your new television and wanting to take it back for a refund!

Most HD televisions will have these small ports color coded. The white, yellow and red ports are your audio video ports. Almost all new televisions will have several of these ports to allow you to connect other electronics such as a DVD player and a gaming console.

The S-Video Line-in will be a round port that has a slit and multiple holes. It’s generally used to provide the video for a DVD player. It will give you a clearer picture than the normal yellow plug. The DVI port supplies a digital picture, but it won’t provide any sound. HDMI provides  both digital sound and picture.

The Digital Audio Optical Input/Output also provides digital sound. Using these ports will give you a crisp, clear sound that is much better than the basic red and white ports. The CB, CR and Y input and output can be used for better picture quality. They’re generally red, blue and green and can be used in place of the yellow port.

The Cable Satellite input port is where you get the input to the television from the cable. You’ll only need to use this port if you don’t have a digital converter box. Now that you know what everything does, you can figure out the best way to hook up your HDTV.

For the very best sound and picture, hook your cable to the digital converter box. Use the HDMI or DVI ports to connect the converter box to the A/V input. Now connect the A/V receiver up to the input ports located
on the back of the television. When using the DVI port, remember that it’s only for the video. So make sure you also connect the digital/audio on the converter box to the A/V port that’s on the television.

If you’re happy to just have better sight and sound than ordinary television connect your CB, CR and Y outputs into the converter box to the same coded inputs that are on the A/V receiver. And, connect them to the matching ports on the back of the television.

The fastest and easiest way to hook up your HDTV is by connecting your converter box to the receiver using the S-Video cable. Then use another S-Video cable to hook the box to the television. To have audio you’ll need to connect the red and white cables into the television.

While using the S-Video cables will let you watch your favorite programs, it won’t be of the best quality. In fact, the sound and picture quality will be very similar to what you got from your ordinary television. If you’re going to invest the money in the latest technology, then why not spend the extra time hooking it up to get the quality that you paid for?