Hanging a Plasma TV on Your Wall

If you have ever hung a heavy picture or another heavy object on your wall only to see it fall down in an hour or so, chances are, it was not hung properly. You have to take into consideration the weight of the object, in this case a plasma TV, before you hang it on your wall. You have to search out and studs in order to make sure that the object will remain securely on the wall.

Here are some things you can do to properly hang a plasma TV on your wall.

After you buy your plasma TV you do not want it to crash down, which will not only damage your wall but it can also cause damage to your plasma TV. Generally, plasma TV’s weight between 75 and 150 pounds. Plasma TV’s usually will come with brackets that are specifically designed so you can mount the TV onto your wall. Make sure that you carefully check these brackets. Many times they are not the best quality of brackets and they may not even hold your new TV securely in place on your wall. After all you are buying the TV not the brackets. If you are not sure about the brackets at all it is a good idea to go buy quality brackets at a hardware store.

Before you go buy new brackets make sure that you weight and measure the plasma TV. These two things are very important when you choose bracket to hang something of this size and weight. Look for hardware store staff that knows their stuff and can help you out in picking out the right brackets for hanging your plasma TV.

When you have the right brackets check out the area where you plan to hang the TV on your wall. If it is possible you should hang the brackets to span between two studs in the wall. Drill a hold into the studs in the wall and then install the brackets. You should use a level so you can be sure that the brackets will line up. This is important to do so your plasma TV is straight when you mount it on your wall.

If you cannot use two studs you can cut a 2×4 section of wood that is long enough to span between the two studs. Find out the height that you want to hang the TV on the wall and screw a piece of the wood to the studs in the wall. Once you do this put the brackets over the area and then secure them to the piece of wood and one of the studs. By taking a little extra effort when you hang your plasma TV on your wall you can be sure that it will remain securely hung and will not come crashing down.