The Green Way to Water Your Garden and Flowers

With the big emphasis on going green to protect the environment, many people are finding ways to conserve and recycle in their homes. But, there’s a whole outdoor world that provides you with all kinds of opportunities to go green to!

About 40% of the water that is used during the summer months is used out doors. So, conserving water is a great way to go green! Water your plants early in the morning before it gets hot or late in the evening after it’s cooled down. More water will actually get used by the plants and not evaporated by the hot sun!

This is usually better for most plants anyway, some plants will die or become damaged when the sun scalds their wet leaves. While using a water hose to water your plants might seem easier, it’s also wasting a lot of water!

Use a watering can so that you can see how much water you’re using. It also let’s you water the plants that need water, where as a water hose will spray a bigger area and water places that don’t need it. With a watering can, you can control specific areas that get water.

Soaker hoses are another great way to conserve water in the yard and garden. They’re made from recycled tires, so they’re already environtmental friendly! Soaker hoses have millions of tiny holes along the hose that allows the water to slowly seep out into the soil.

They can be placed underneath the mulch so that they’re not even visible in your flower beds or garden. They need very little maintenance and can be hooked into a regular water hose timer to water your plants without any assistance from you.

The very best way to provide water for your plants is through drip irrigation. It has a 90% efficiency rating and consists of a series of tubes that have water release points at each plant. You can also hook this system up to a timer for more efficiency and when a particular plant no longer needs water for the season, you can plug the holes in the tubing.

Many people are turning to container gardening for a lack of garden space. We all know that flowers can be grown in containers, but there’s also many types of vegetables that do well in containers. Using self watering pots will help keep the soil moist and save on water usage at the same time.

One of the best sources for watering your plants is free! Rainwater is easily collected in pails or other containers and the down spout coming from your gutters can provide an abundance of rain water!

For every 1,000 square feet of roof that you have, an inch of rain will yeild you 600 gallons of water. You can even purchase a diverter to guide the rain water into a container such as a barrel or even a garbage can.

For more serious gardners, you can install an underground holding tank to collect the rainfall. But, a pump will need to be used to get the water from the tank to the hose. When using a barrel you can just fill your watering can and even use your soaker hoses and drip irrigation system by siphoning.

Precautions should be taken with any standing water. The water should be used within ten days of collection, after the water has been standing for ten days mosquito’s will start to breed.