Simple Ways to Have a Greener Bathroom

If you’re getting ready to re-do your bathroom, it’s the perfect time to incorporate a little green! There are some easy ways to make your entire home a little more environmentally friendly and some are very inexpensive to do. Some things are just a matter of thinking green and then making the right purchases.

You have to have bath towels and other linens for your bath, so why not choose green ones? Organic cotten is the perfect choice and it’s a very soft, comfortable material. More expensive bath linens will tend to be better since they will probably be dyed with natural dyes and be less toxic. But, if you’re on a budget just purchase the most expensive ones you can afford.

Cotton duck is a heavy material that will even repel water to a certain extent. If you really want to take green to the limit, buy a cotton duck shower curtain instead of vinyl. If you’ve ever noticed the chemical smell when you’ve opened a new vinyl shower curtain, you have an idea of the chemicals that is in the plastic.

Just simply changing your shower head to a low-flow model can reduce water usage by as much as 30% and still give you a nice powerful shower spray. And, if you want to take your water conservation to another level, try a water diverter. This gadget will divert all of the water from your shower and bath to a container to use outside.

You can pair your low-flow shower head up with a low-flow toilet. It can literally take as much as seven gallons of water to flush an older toilet! However, if your toilet was made before 1995, it should already be manufactured to use less water. Toilets made since then generally use around a gallon and a half for each flush.

If you’re doing any type of remodeling, opt for recycled materials. You can even purchase tiles that are recycled for both your floors and walls. One of the best for low emissions are tiles that are made from recyled glass. And, with the concern for the environment, manufacturers are offering designs that are just as pretty as regular tiles.

Adjusting your water heater down to 120* and wrapping it with an insulated water heater blanket will really help. Whether you have a gas or electric heater, the insulated blanket will help the water retain it’s temperature better so that your water heater isn’t working double time to keep reheating the same water.

Green cleaning supplies aren’t just for bathrooms of course, you should be using them throughout your home. But, in a small bathroom they have an added plus, there’s no chemicals to choke you to death in a small room with no air circulation!

Always read the warning labels mandated by the government to see exactly how bad the cleaners you’re using are. Try to use products that just say caution as they’re the least toxic. If the label says poison/danger try to avoid using the product.

Last but certainly not least, another way to help both you and the environment is to use natural bath products. The environment don’t need all the extra chemicals that some cosmetic companies use, but neither do you! A certain amount of the chemicals found in bath soaps, oils and bubble bath soak into your skin while you’re soaking in the tub!

If you like your shower or bath by candle light, use candles made of 100% beeswax. They will naturally freshen the air and do’t contain any petroleum products. Even the simple things can go along way in protecting the environment, especially as more and more people try to live greener lives.