Green Ways To Control Garden Pests and Diseases

Chemicals have became a big concern for families around the world. With the effect that they can have on both our health and the health of the environment, more and more people are looking for natural solutions. There are several things that you can use to control pests on your plants that are all natural and totally safe.

Many insects that can destroy your plants can be controlled by a simple soap solution. You can add one tablespoon of soap to a gallon of water, mix well and use a spray bottle to apply it to the plant. This solution should be applied once a day for a week to take care of whiteflies, aphids and spider mites.

Another all natural way to get rid of those same pests is with garlic. Soak about 15 cloves of fresh garlic in mineral oil overnight. Remove the garlic and add 2 quarts of water and a teaspoon of dish liquid and mix thoroughly. Spray on the infested plants daily until they’re gone!

You can even make your own little sticky traps with some vaseline, plastic cards and some outdoor yellow paint. Paint the plastic cards on both sides and make a small hole in the top for a string. Coat both sides with the vaseline and hang near the plant.

If black spot and mildew is attacking your plant, try a baking soda mixture. Add a teaspoon of baking soda, a teaspoon of soap and a liter of water together and mix well. Remove all of the affected leaves and spray the rest of the plant with the solution to control the disease. One part milk to nine parts water will stop powdery mildew!

We all hate the smell of mothballs and so do most insects. If the infected plant is in a pot, you can place the pot in a plastic bag and add a few moth balls. Seal the bag and let it set for a few days or a week, the insects will die.

You can make your own dusting powder with black pepper and flour. Just mix the two ingredients together and sprinkle it all around the infested plants. The pests won’t be to eager to eat your plants with the pepper there, but they will be eager to get away from them!

Basil is a good deterrent for gnats, mosquitoes and flies. You can keep them away from you and your family by crushing basil leaves with your hands and rubbing the oil on your skin. Keep these pests away from porches and yards by planting basil in the yard or in pots on your porch.

You can easily make a trap to catch Japanese Beetles. Cut the top section off of a plastic jug, fill the inside with a mixture of 2 cups water, 1/2 cup sugar, a mashed banana, 14 teaspoon of baking yeast and 1/2 cup of wine. Set the container in a warm place and let it ferment and then put it in your garden or flower bed. The beetles will love it!

Regular salt can be sprinkled around the bottoms of your plants to keep ants away, it will also keep slugs away. Ground cinnamon is another all natural way to deter those pesky little ants. Another home remedy for ants is to add equal amounts of sugar and baking soda and sprinkle in the areas that you see the ants.

Using home made solutions to control pests on your plants isn’t only good for your and the environment, it’s also cheaper than commercial pesticides. And, many of these remedies will keep the pests away before they even have the chance to do any damage to your plants.