Easy Ways to Go Green Around the House

For way too long we’ve used up the earth’s resources without really considering the consequences. Now, even major retailers like Wal-Mart are doing their part to create a green environment and help to reverse the effects of pollution and waste.

There are many things that you can do to promote a healthier world. Walk whenever you can, participate in car pooling and recycling are just a few of the ways you can help.

Save on Water

Using a dishwasher actually uses about 35% less water than washing dishes by hand. And, if you skip the drying cycle and let the dishes air dry you’ll use about 15% less electricity.

But, always make sure that the dishwasher has a full load before running it. Although a dishwasher saves on water, running several half loads per day will end up wasting more than it saves.

If you have a lot of plants indoors or out, catch some rain water whenever possible. Not only will you save a little more on water, you’re plants will love it!

You can also save up to %30 a month on your water bill just by installing the spray aerators. All you do is unscrew the old one and attach the new one, it will create a shower like spray in your sinks!

Adjusting the ballcock on your toilet will make a difference to. You can usually just twist them a little so that the tank won’t have to get as full before the water shuts off. Another trick is to fill some plastic pop bottles with water and just sit them inside the toilet tank.

The popularity of bottled water is another huge problem. Not only are people paying four and five times the price for bottled water as opposed to tap water, plastic bottles are not bio degradable.

Adding a water filter to your faucet or under you sink will save you tons of money and give you great tasting water. Neither types of filters are hard to install and depending on how much bottled water you buy, the filter may pay for itself within the first month or so.

Limit your bubble baths! Filling the tub takes a lot more water than running the shower long enough to bathe. You can also purchase a water saving shower head to save even more!

Save on Electricity

Changing the filter in your furnace and air conditioning units can save save at least $50 per year on electricity. And, you can save at least another $30 or $40 just by insulating your water heater and keeping the temperature at 120 degress.

Using a higher wattage light bulb can also save on your electric bill! A 100 watt light bulb uses about 17% less electricity than two 60 watt bulbs do! Plus with the 100 watt you’ll have more light!

Close to 90% of the electricity used when you wash a load of clothes is from heating the water! Wash clothes in cold water as often as possible, you can find detergents made especially for cold water and they will still get your clothes nice and clean.

Line dry clothes when the weather is pretty! You’ll save on the electricity from the clothes dryer and also help keep your air conditioning from working over time to combat the heat of the dryer! And, line drying saves on the wear on your clothes and linens plus gives them a wonderful fresh smell!

Switching to flourescent bulbs will result in about a 75% savings over using regular light bulbs. Once up on a time, to use flourescent lighting you had to have the big bulky fixtures. But, now you can buy florescent lights that fit your regular lamps.

It may surprise you to know that your appliances and electronics still use electricity even if they’re turned off! It’s referred to as phantom load. Even though you’ve turned something off electricity continues to “leak” and can add up to as much as 75% of the home energy consumption!