Decorating Your Home To Save Energy

If you’re trying to make your home as green as you can on a budget, it might seem like an impossible task. But, there are some really simple  changes you can make to your homes decor to help! Most aren’t really expensive and can keep you on your budget.

It may surprise you to know that an average of one fourth of the energy used in your home goes out the windows! While you might not be able to just replace all of your old windows with new energy efficient ones, your window treatments can actually help a lot!

We all know that sunlight means heat and sun coming through your windows makes your home hotter. You can purchase blinds that reflect light, use drapery liners and even blackout shades. Some window treatments even come with a summer shading rating to let you know how efficient they are at blocking the sun’s heat from entering your home.

If you’d prefer, you can even line your drapes yourself with some sturdy cotton or other material that is thick enough to block the sun. But, for the most efficient way to block the suns rays, use insulationg window shades.

Although it seems high, it’s estimated that around 73% of the energy goes for lighting your home. If you set your lamps in a corner, they’ll reflect light off of the walls and make your home brighter. Make sure to insulate around any recessed lights that you have in your ceilings.

Flooring and walls are another problem when it comes to conserving energy in your home. Carpeting and rugs of course help contain heat and keep your floors warmer. And, using flooring such as brick or tile in front of big windows on the south side of your home, will actually capture heat from the sun.

If your walls are really drafty, consider covering them with wallpaper. There’s lot’s of beautiful designs and it will work to seal small cracks and crevices in your walls. You can find wallpaper with a foil backing that will even reflect the heat off the walls and back into your home.

Even hanging your favorite quilt or a elegant tapestry over problem areas on your walls can greatly help energy efficiency. It will also add to the look of your home, many people are using wall hangings as a decorating enhancement even when they aren’t trying to fix drafts.

The types of furniture that you have in your home can also help. Highly reflective furnishing such as chrome will make your home brighter and also reflect heat. And, over stuffed upholstered furniture is naturally going to help with drafts that come out from under your chairs or couches, especially if they’re skirted.

During the winter time you can rearrange your furniture so that you’ll be sitting closer to heat sources such as vents. At the same time, don’t arrange them to closely or the heat won’t be able to circulate. In the summer time arrange furniture apart so that air can flow freely throughout the room and keep it away from direct sun.

Dark furnishings will absorb and release heat coming through windows from the sun. This can help warm your home in the winter, but will make your home hotter in the summer. So, you might want to arrange your furniture by the season.

Folding screens come in lot’s of different styles and colors and are really pretty in a room. But, they can be used to block the sun’s rays at windows and even help with small drafts. Another trick is to set large items like book shelves at problem areas, if you set them close to the wall they can deflect drafts.

Ceiling fans can save you a lot of energy by circulating both warm and cool air. They can also add light to the room and with all the styles available, you can go from modern to elegant. In the winter months, set the fan on the reverse setting to pull warm air down from the ceiling into the room.