Protecting your Vinyl Floor

Vinyl floors can be a long lasting and beautiful addition to a home. Vinyl can last a long time even with everyday foot traffic. But vinyl flooring is vulnerable to aging and accidents and can be damaged if not cared for in a proper way.

Even though vinyl flooring is very durable it is not stain resistant. Many of the stains can be removed but there are some that cannot be. The best thing to do is to be very careful when you are using staining products on your vinyl floor. If a spill occurs you should immediately tend to and try to wipe it away quickly so the stain does not set.

In caring for your vinyl floor to keep it looking great there are some things you should do.

* If there are spills on the floor clean them up as soon as possible. You can remove dried spills on the floor by using a floor and striper cleaner with a white cloth.

Occasionally wash the vinyl floor with a no-rinse floor cleaner.

* For heavy duty cleaning use a floor stripper and cleaning product.

Occasionally polish the floor to keep it shiny and looking great.

NOTE: If you are not sure what type of cleaner to use on your vinyl flooring make sure you ask an expert, at a hardware or flooring store, as by using the wrong cleaner you can damage your floor.
Here are some things you should NOT do to your vinyl floor

* Do not use detergents or abrasive cleaners as they can leave a dull film on the floor and scratch it as well. Also if you are not using these products do not use tools that are made for abrasive cleaning products.

Never use paste wax or products that are solvent based.

* Do not use a beater bar when you vacuum the floor as it can cause visible damage to the surface of the vinyl floor.

* When you are moving furniture or appliances you should lay some plywood down on the floor and then walk the item across the plywood. This can protect your floor from scratches and scuff marks.

You should always use floor protectors with your furniture in order to prevent indentations on the floor. Generally the heavier the item is the wider the floor protector should be. It is very important to be careful with metal furniture, as they can cause rust stains on the floor, in addition to indentation.

* You should place a walk off mat outside the entrances of your home. This will drastically reduce the amount of dirt that is being tracked into your home.

NOTE: For outside walk in mats you should not use ones that are either rubber or have latex-backing. These types of mats have antioxidants so they will not become brittle, but these chemicals can stain your vinyl flooring. You should try to use a mat that has a vinyl backing or a woven rug.

Author: Jason Green