Ways To Use Seashells In the Bathroom

Since most bathrooms are fairly small they are often one part of the home that gets a little neglected during decorating. But, your bathroom can be turned into a relaxing, seaside retreat with a few simple ideas, a bunch of seashells and some water themed accessories.

Seashells are generally cheap and easy to find and you can often find them at thrift stores for almost nothing. And, if you live near the ocean, you can create a wonderful design with shells that you’ve collected yourself.

I probably have way too many seashells in my bathroom. Each one just has their own beauty and I seem to want to add them all to my bathroom decor. It would be pretty aggravating dusting all of them if they were other types of items, but since they’re literally water proof, you can just lay them in the tub and spray them each time they need cleaned!

I found some really pretty seashell border on sale and put it half way up the bathroom walls. But, you can add border either there or at the top of the wall. I put it about five feet up on the wall because you get to see it more there. Border up at the ceiling doesn’t get to be enjoyed as much in a small room.

The border has seashells of various sizes all over it, so I cut out several of the designs. I used the cut-outs as accents, I applied some to the front of the toilet tank. I didn’t really expect those to stay on very well, toilet tanks are bad for condensation and I figured it would just get damp and fall off. But, it’s been there for almost a year and still looks really good.

I also applied some to the mirror, which makes it match the bathroom. Then I applied some to the wall just above the back of the tub and shower. I didn’t use any special adhesive to attach them, I just wet them and pressed them on with a soft cloth, just like I did on the wall.

I had ran across some starfish and I just hung them on nails beside the sink in a diagonal line. You don’t even have to make a hole in the starfish, the nail will fit right into the opening on the back. I also used a few pieces of natural coral that are aquarium decorations. My shelf is all made of wire, so I laid some pieces of clear glass over them to place all of the shells and coral on.

If you’re going to have seashells you’ve got to add some sand. I just purchased some small bags of sand that came from the craft section, but you can use any type of sand. While I choose the natural sand, the crafting sand usually comes in several colors, so you can even have it match your color scheme.

I poured some of the sand into a little glass boat and laid seashells all inside it and it sits on the bathroom sink. It’s a simple idea, but it looks really nice and everyone loves it. I did the same thing in a small globe shaped bowl and set it on the shelf along with the larger shells.

To blend a trash can in with the theme, you can hot glue small shells onto it. And, you can do the same with a hand soap dispenser or any other item that you use in the bathroom. Small seashells can even be glued to the front of a soap dish and to the back of a hand mirror.

I have a solid color shower curtain and didn’t want to purchase a new one, so I spiced it up a little. I’d found a planter hanger made of seashells and took it apart to use the shells. I used some twine and strung up several seashells on lengths of it and tied them around the shower hooks. Leave the string long enough so that the shells dangle.

You can find nets made especially for decorating that you can hang all sorts of sea life on. And, you can add shells to almost anything to add to the decor. You could even hot glue some seashells over the vanity knobs. Hot glue is the best to use for projects like that because it’s not permanent. If you decide you want to remove the shells you can just pull them off. And, you can easily pull any remaining hot glue off of non-fabric items as well.