Understanding Home Decorating Themes

There are many types of decorating themes to choose from when you decide to re-decorate your rooms. While you might not really care what your particular style is called as long as you like something, if you’re really serious about interior design it really helps to know the specific terms for themes.

Formal traditional says it all in the name. It’s formal atmosphere that is very traditional. It refers to designs that originated from eras such as the Victorian, Renaissance, Georgian and Greek. The style is refined and elegant all the way to the window treatments.

Informal traditional is almost the same as formal traditional, except the style is a little more comfortable. There are more earth tone colors in informal traditional and the furnishings have a slightly softer, inviting touch.

Environmental just simply refers to furnishings and design that include textures, patterns and colors from mother nature. And, international modern design has a simplicity with smooth surfaces and hard lines. Unusual textures are also combined with abstract patterns.

The design referred to as primitive or ethnic has more of a masculine touch. Styles can range from South Sea, American West or African themes. The textures are heavy and patterns have a lack of sophistication that is charming.

Romantic Victorian is a favorite design style,it has lot’s of patterns, lot’s of florals and beautiful colors. Pattern is the main goal in this theme, with the walls and accessories having lot’s of designs. There are so many patterns that it almost creates a cluttered look, but it’s a look that works very well.

American country includes furnishings that can be designed after styles from the 17th century to modern day. Hand crafted work is evident in this very popular theme. There are several other design themes including shabby chic that is pretty much just a mix of whatever you like.

Before you start any decorating project, you should set a realistic budget and stick as close to it as you can. Setting a budget ahead of time and adhering to it can keep you from be disappointed by getting half way through your project and running out of funds to complete it.

Also, decide what the most important change you want to create is. Do you want the walls redone? Maybe you want a new sofa or lamps. Decide what will be the most expensive and most important part of your project and purchase that item first. If you do run out of money, you can always add accessories later, as long as you have your main decorating done.

You of course, need to decide on the style you want to accomplish before you make any purchases. If you’re still undecided about the total look that you want to create, browse through some home decorating magazines to get some ideas. Even if you don’t like the entire room in a magazine, you can get ideas from individual pieces of furniture, accessories or even the color scheme.

Choose what you want to use as the focal point of your room. The focal point could be a fireplace, a special antique table or even a beautiful painting. Maybe, the focal point is the object of your desire to redecorate. If so, decide what you want to use as the point of the room before shopping.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when decorating is not choosing pieces that have the right proportions with each other. If you’ve ever really like a room, but there was something that was just not right about it, it could be as simple as the tables being too large or too small for the sofa. Proportion is a very important aspect of having a well balanced room.