How To Choose And Coordinate Fabrics For Decorating

Fabrics are one of the best ways to accessorize your homes decor. And, with all of the different choices of colors and patterns that you can find, there’s always something that will look great in any room.

Whether you decide to use fabrics that blend in with your decor, or fabrics that catch the eye and make a statement, choosing the right fabrics can finish off the rooms look.

When choosing fabric, there’s not only limitless colors and designs, there’s also several types of fabrics. Some fabrics are better for certain things than other because of durability, usability and overall easy care of the material.

Cotton fabric holds colors and designs very well and even comes in different finishes. You can either choose cotton that has a natural finish, or you can find many cotton fabrics that has a sheen. Cotton makes the best choices for pillow covers, table cloths, table runners and even drapes and curtains.

There are many types of polyester and nylon materials, they are especially woven so that they look like natural fibers. Depending on the weave, the thickness of these types of fabrics makes them work well for draperies and pillows as well. They’re also great to use if you want some really unique looking sheers for your drapes.

Using velvet in your room adds a formal, elegant feel. And, although velvet is very soft and luxurious to the touch, it can also be very durable. Some antique chairs that were upholstered with velvet have withstood time and use very well. Velvet comes in different thicknesses and you should choose accordingly for the project you’ll be using the fabric for.

Velvet curtains can add a lot of elegance to your window treatment. And, it’s also excellent for making throw pillows for your living room or bedroom. It’s a very versatile material that can be used for almost anything you’d like to decorate.

If you need a really rugged fabric, denim is perfect. But, it’s only good for adding to a casual decor. It’s really great for kids rooms since it can hold up to a lot of abuse. And, denim is available in more colors than just the common blue. You can often find it in red, black, white and other colors as well. But, if you can’t find the perfect color, denim can be dyed very easily.

Linen is classy and beautiful, but only when it’s pressed! If you don’t like the wrinkled look, don’t choose linen. It will wrinkle almost immediately even after pressing. It works great for draperies though, since you rarely have to touch them.

Although, silk is very fragile, it can be used for certain projects. It’s great to add texture to your room because it comes in so many different types of finishes. It’s not the best choice for high traffic, high usage areas, but it can add a touch of romance and elegance to a bedroom.

Coordinating your fabric colors and designs is really simple and can add a professional look to your homes decor. Just remember to keep all of the fabrics background colors the same. Also, repeat the colors in each design that you use. If one fabric has shades of pinks, choose all your fabrics with shades of pinks.

Mixing different sizes of designs can add interest to the decor. For instance, if you’re using florals, choose some fabrics with small flowers, some with medium sized flowers and some with large, bold flowers.