Fun Kids Rooms For Cheap

Kids are fickle creatures. Their passions change weekly, if not daily. A parent can go crazy, not to mention broke, trying to decorate a kid’s room in the style that he wants right now. Let’s not even think about that fact that as a child gets older, the Barney motif is out, and Junior will be horribly humiliated if any of his friends see one trace of purple in his domain. So what’s a suitably concerned parent to do? Improvise! There are many ways to give your child a new room frequently, without going banktrupt or insane. You can purchase area rugs in solid colors at a nearby Wal-Mart or K-mart for next to nothing. A 4X6 foot rug can be turned into an entire world to a small child! Is your kiddo into Hot Wheels? Get a rug in green (grass, of course!). A roll of black contact paper will produce miles of wonderful highways and byways for travel. A bag of plastic trees, farm animals, wild animals (maybe he wants to go on safari in Africa today), and other assorted play figures will give him hours of enjoyment. If your child is more a cowboys and Indians person, substitute appropriate figures and some Lincoln Logs (which were invented by Frank Lloyd Wright’s son, John) for hours of frontier fun. Green in also the color of Barbie’s lawn, and Barbie could use a nice black driveway and road. Or a gray contact paper patio. Fabric paint can easily transform a white rug into a nifty hopscotch board. Kids always latch on to the newest “in” toy or cartoon. Spiderman is currently in the lead, but he’ll be replaced quickly by the next big thing. How do you satisfy the longing for today’s big craze without breaking the bank? Sheets. Sheets are the answer to every decorating challenge you’ll encounter. Buy two sets of the expensive character sheets, and stock up on cheap white top sheets. Congratulations, you now have a Spiderman bed, curtains and throw pillows. Put one set of Spidey sheets on the bed. Most kids have twin beds, and sheet sets only come with one pillowcase. You have two sets, so your child has two matching pillow cases. Take the other top sheet, cut it into four equal lengths, give them a small hem on the edge to prevent fraying, and sew then down the sides of two white top sheets. Position the strips below the wide hem of the top of the sheet. You may have noticed that this hem at the top is open on either side. And it’s the perfect size to slip right over a curtain rod! If you’re not a sewer, you can use double sided, heat actived tape to do all this. The second bottom sheet can be saved for a spare, or used to make some nifty throw pillows. Kids also love tents, which is more of a long-term interest, from toddlerhood to almost adolescence. You can buy a basic canopy bed for $150.00 or less. You want a simple design, just four upright poles, with the four pole frame around the top. Most styles are available in black or white, one of which should be a suitable color. Once again, drag out the cheap top sheets, thread them onto the horizontal canopy frame, and your child has a permanent tent. You can tuck the end ones and the ones on the back side under the mattress for a nice, tight tent. Toss in a flashlight (or wall mounted reading light), a good book and an apple, and your child will be set for the night. If you have a color printer, search the net for pictures of you child’s favorite characters. Print them off, slap them in cheap dime store frame with construction paper mats, and your kiddo will have cool artwork that no other kids have (unless their moms visit this site). This is especially neat if you have a printer that will do photographs well. A child with photographs of The Rock on his wall will be the talk of the town. What child wouldn’t be thrilled with his own personalized street sign? I purchased one for my daughter from a seller on Ebay. The signs are 24 inches by 6 inches, metal, and available in red, green, and blue, with your choice of wording. For less than $21.00, your child can have his room designated as Brian Ave., Jessica Blvd, or Cameron St. Just do a search on Ebay for the sellers offering them. I’m sure you could also order these items directly from sellers which have their own website. With a little imagination and a tiny bit of cash, you can give your child a great room!