Design Tips To Make Small Rooms Look Larger

While you can’t always remodel to increase the size of your rooms, you can make a room appear to be larger than it is. With a few simple design tricks, you can open up those smaller spaces.

With the use of color, lighting and the right furniture arrangements you can literally trick the eye into seeing a larger room. The room just looking bigger will really seem to open up and provide extra space!

One of the best and easiest ways to make the room seem larger is with color. Most people already know that light colors make objects seem bigger, but bright colors also create the same effect.

The trick is to paint the moldings and trim with a lighter color than the walls. Darker objects appear farther off and lighter objects appear closer. With the wall just a shade or two lighter they’ll appear farther away than the trims and the room will look more spacious.

Arrange the larger pieces of furniture such as a bed or sofa at an angle. This will take advantage of the diagonal length of the room and give the eye a farther distance to follow.

Using scaled furniture is another way to optimize the appearance of space in a small room. Over stuffed furniture will take over a space, but a simple love seat or sofa will fit in great.

Chairs that have open backs and a slim style chairs are great accessories. And, if it’s a bedroom choosing an open styled headboard will open up space. The ideal furnishings for a smaller room would all be below eye level in height.

Mirrors aren’t only decorative, the rooms reflection will create a look of having a larger area. They can even add to the brightness with the reflected light from a window or lamp.

Replacing the closet doors with mirrored sliding doors will greatly increase the desired look. This works well in a small bathroom by adding mirrored doors to the vanity and even on kitchen cabinet doors.

Floor and table space can be cleared up with the use of track lighting. Track lights are easily installed and when angled toward the walls not only adds the look of space, but provides a relaxing mood lighting.

Add splashes of color to the room with your accent pieces. Colorful throw pillows, small pieces of artwork and other size appropriate pieces can compliment the room without taking up precious space.

Just keep the decorative accessories to a minimum for the best results.
A clean, neat room always appears larger, so keep magazines, books and other items hidden away when not in use.

One real good way to add storage space is with a ottoman that has built in storage. This would be a very good place to keep your magazines and books, as well as anything else that you don’t need all the time.

The more floor space you have the larger your room will look to. Choose sofas, love seats, chairs and other items that have exposed legs to open up the space underneath them.

For a really small bedroom you might want to get a futon or even a day bed. Both are multi-functional since they can be used as a sitting area during the day and then double as the bed at night. Even something as simple as not using a dust ruffle on the bed can add space!

Avoid upholstery material that has large designs. Choose either a small design or solid colors, you can always add the color with matching pillows and table doilies.

Although, following these simple design tricks won’t actually increase the size of your room, it will make you think it has. It’s quite amazing what you can trick the mind into thinking!