How To Create Free Art Work For Home Decorating

Having beautiful art work for your home can be very pricey. Some framed art work can cost as much as a piece of furniture. But, even if you’re on a tight decorating budget, you don’t have to skimp on wall decor. With a little imagination and time, you can create your own art work from things you already have or things that are free!

If you have a contemporary styled home, black and white photos look great framed in metal. Botanicals, florals and landscapes add to a traditional design and florals also look excellent in a cottage style home. If you have a country themed decor, weathered or antique looking frames will blend right in.

If you need some pictures to hang on your kitchen walls, consider using some restaurant menus! Most restaurants will give you a menu absolutely free and they make really unique framed pictures. Another great idea for the kitchen is to frame some favorite recipes. Or, even a wine list from your favorite restaurant!

Plates are another great way to create art work for a kitchen or dining room. And, if you have a few pieces of antique silverware, they’d look really nice hanging in a shadow box frame. In fact, you can hang almost any type of kitchen utensil in a shadow box frame.

Some of the calendars you can find have gorgeous pictures of flowers, scenery, animals and various other things. You can purchase a themed calendar and create 12 coordinating pictures for your wall. In many cases you can pick up free calendars at some banks or merchants and not have to spend anything on the pictures!

Cards are another excellent low cost choice for creating your own art work. Create a collage of sports cards for a unique picture for a boy’s room. A collection of post cards from some of the trips you’ve taken can make a great collage. And, for an entertainment or gaming room, even a deck of playing cards can make a great conversation piece.

I have a picture hanging in my living room that has trees and plant life in the background and some gorgeous hummingbirds flying around in the foreground. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on that picture and every one is really surprised to find out that it used to be a t-shirt!

I just cut the design out of the shirt, pulled it taut on a thin piece of cardboard and taped it down on the back. Even when I tell people that it was a shirt, no one believes me. This would be great to take t-shirts with different sports teams and make a whole collection of pictures for a sports fans room! Or, once your little girl has outgrown her Disney shirts, make some unique pictures for her room with them.

Another cheap way to make some gorgeous art work is by printing off pictures that you’ve taken yourself. That gorgeous picture of the sun setting on the ocean that you took on your last vacation would look wonderful hanging in your bathroom! Or, even the picture of a snow covered mountain you took on a ski trip!

We all take pictures of our family and friends, but it’s easy to find all kinds of scenery to snap pictures of to turn into art work. Take your camera with you where ever you go, you never know when you’ll run across and old barn, a farm, horses or anything that would look just gorgeous hanging on your walls!